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  1. Hi, it seems that non-wacom tablets have more problems, like my XP-Pen Star03 in Designer beta - https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/39538-ad-15366-pen-input/
  2. Also in many European countries, we don't use imperial system for photo sizes. In AP/AD there are only imperial sized presents provided. These presents are unknown for us (we don't measure in inches), instead we use names like 9x13, 10x15 etc.. which are equivalents, but in metric system. | 9x13 cm - 89x127 mm - 3.5x5 inches | 10x15 cm - 102x152 mm - 4x6 inches | 13x18 cm - 127x178 mm - 5x7 inches | etc...
  3. For me actually the new driver (6.3.20-3) improved a brush behavior in AP/AD. At least in a case of "brush lag" - the response has improved a little bit, but not disappeared completely. Drawing of short and thin lines (for example) is still a real challenge. The line "ugliness" is also still the same and needs to be fixed for serious work. (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/30426-wobbly-lines-ad-15143/?p=147697). In other applications I did not notice a change or any delay (Sketchbook, Clip Studio Paint etc.). Rendering GPU: Geforce 755M (Driver 376.19).Tablet: Waco
  4. Hello, I was checking the new beta of AD ( and I can confirm, that the pressure sensitivity finally works (even with Windows ink turned off in Wacom drivers). Thanks for the fix! With pixel brush, there is some strange line "wobbliness" still present. In the included screenshot, there is pixel brush compared to Sketchbook / Rebelle. The line is -not so smooth- as would one expect. There seems to be also a small brush lag with a subsequent fast drawing of lines, that produces a small straight line (in the beginning of line). It is interesting that the vector brush output "before" vec
  5. Thank you for a reply, I have checked the new beta of Photo ( and there are really nice improvements of brush behavior. Great work! I'm excited to see these improvements also in Designer. I did compare again the line against Clip Studio and it shows massive improvement against my last test. Small "lag" is there - still present, but not so noticeable now. And also the line still sometimes gets "edges". What I mean is demonstrated by big "circles" in the image (Drawn S-Slow, F-Fast) - most noticeable with fast drawn circles. I understand that these applications (Clip, Sketchbook) are
  6. Hello, first - thank you for making this amazing application available for windows. It is awesome. But there are some glitches, I have same problem as Kosi here. I'm using Windows 8.1 (Intel i5, 8GB RAM), Wacom drivers 6.3.18-5 (latest) with Intuoso CTL-480 tablet. The Pixel Brush is laggy and also the lines are quite ugly if compared with other applications. Some things can be improved by setting canvas to "billinear filtering", some are fixed after exporting, pressure sensitivity starts working (for me) after "Windows Ink" is enabled. But the brush thing remains the same. I have tried t
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