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  1. Hi there, I have the same problem with lack of slides where I can download bonus stuff. I have Affinity Photo and Designer updated (no clean install) from previous stable version and AD/AP beta installed as well. Win10
  2. Thanks for your answer. I understand that those features might not be most important in the roadmap of Affinity Designer (or Photo) development. But hope to see them in future.
  3. Hi, I was wondering if there is any solution for my problem. I am using Affinity Designer for creating documents for my clients, all of them are based on few templates. I have at least two artboards in each template and I export them to two filetypes - jpg and pdf. Here is my workflow: I am opening last saved document of some kind - e.g. document-1005, then I am editing it with new data and then I am saving it as document-1006. Then I am exporting (ctrl alt shift s) each artboard as jpg and pdf - because filename of Affinity Designer file is kept - its all easy for me to keep filenames constant (I have in one plce files document-1005.pdf, document-1005.jpg, document-1005.afdesign). What would be perfect for me is to use slices to export. Right now if I choose slices - I would need to change slices name everytime when exporting them. I am looking for some simple solution like what I created in Photoshop. Simple java script - it can create subfolders (when I need) and/or save file as jpg/png/psd with prefix or suffix added to original filename. Is it possible in any way? Regards, triforcesolutions
  4. @pauls Thank you for your help, like I wrote to you in pm it looks like the reason of saving problems was hdd failure (software that I am using regularly didn't found any errors, but thanks to your post I tried another one - with critical condition result). So this topis may be marked as solved. Also - I would like to thank you, pauls, because thanks to this topic I had time to backup all data from this hdd and I didn't end with important data los. Thanks for help, regards.
  5. @pauls folder where I am saving is as follows: X:\certyfikaty When it comes to file - I can send you one of them, but in private message, this is file that I don't want to be available online. But honestly I don't know if this is necessary - when I am opening previously saved file (on any of my disks and any of partitions) and I want to save this file with new name - previousle described error message appears. Not only with those templates, but with website projects that I am making right now etc. I can't save daily sub version of file. Antivirus is AVG, firewall is Zone Alarm pro, disks are in good condition, system ssd, cache ssd and data hdd - all are going well. Is reinstalling AD any option? I will try this and will let you know.
  6. @Wiredframe Thanks for your response. Like I wrote before: All data is stored on local drive, links are from local drive, no data is from ext. drives or network drives. This is very frustrating for me, I thought that I will ANY help here, and right now software is quite useless for main purpose why it was bought.
  7. Hi there, I was looking for similiar problem on this forum without success. What I found was this topic: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/29894-save-failed-because-access-to-the-file-was-lost-document-must-now-be-closed/ related to files that are stored on external media. My problem description: I am wornking on Windows 7 64, what I do is filling template document with some data. My workflow is as follow: every file has its own name, starting with serial number increased by one. When I get new document to fill - I am opening last one and after editing everything what needs to be edited, I am saving file as with number increased by one. Then I am exporting two files - jpg and pdf, then save and quit. Or - if there are more documents - I repeat previously described steps. Yesterday I had error message described in topic name. What is interesting - even if I change name in "save as" step to "new name" - error message is reporting that "Failed to save document "old name" Save failed because access to the file was lost." I tried to: change location, change name - no effect. File is being saved on local drive, no data from external media is linked in file. I have two AD versions installed (due to reported e.g. by me Polish diacritics problems error) - beta and latest stable. The same problem is on both versions. File can be exported to given file type, but this is no solution for me. There are lots of situation, when I need to change those documents on the fly, and this error forces me to create new one every time from the scratch. I hope you will be able to provide me help, regards. [edit] Problem appears with every file created till about yesterday - there are like more than hundred of them. Also when creating new document and saving and closing it, when document is opened and option "save history with document" is enabled - also this error appears. What I forget to mention is that this option is enabled in those template files, but disabling it, restarting AD and opening those files changes nothing. Problem still appears. It looks like this problem appears with every file that I am opening and trying to save as with different name. If I do not try to save as with different name I can save opened file.
  8. Hello, I have problems with Affinity Designer (up to date, WIn 7 64 PL). There are polish diacritics shortcuts like [alt] + [l] = [ł] and so on. I had some problems with latest update the same as were mentioned here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/35890-polish-programers-keyboard/ Problem solution described in this thread - removing shortcuts for text alignment. Ok - everything is fine, but my settings do not want to save. Everytime AD starts I need to load shortcuts from previously saved file. Is there any solution for that? Thanks.
  9. @Sean P - I've got what was wrong - I was looking at object alignment options instead of text. Everything is ok with your help.
  10. @Sean P - I don't want to multiply threads with the same problem, so I am writing here. I've got the same problem as Poziomka, my keyboard layout is also polish programmers, and in Affinity Designer options there are no shortcuts for Alignement mentioned by you. I am not able to use polish letters directly, as well as with unicode shortcuts - I should have letter Ł, ald I have Ž, which is not in polish alphabet. Windows 7, Affinity Designer up to date (latest release).
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