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  1. I'm experiencing a very slow cursor / brush while using a tablet with brushes form the "Textured" category (brushes that have large size and many rough / sharp edges). Cursor / brush works fine with mouse. Video LE: Never mind, turning off "High precision input" makes it work normally.
  2. pixelrain

    colour profiles

    If you want a special colour profile you just have to install it in the system, after that it will be selectable in the application.
  3. pixelrain

    Brush Lag

    The simpler the brush, the faster it will draw. You can "optimize" a brush by increasing the spacing "parameter" this is valid in most graphic software, other than that not much; the rest is hardware and software limit. You can switch to nearest neighbour, disable dither & clipping, fastest retina rendering in performance options and disable "show brush preview" in UI to gain some little extra speed.
  4. While there are pros and cons for Serif's approach, I consider that the problem with this approach is that it represents a significant usage change compared to other software; and in this way it slows you down. Picture it like giving you a checklist you have to go through or keep in mind. Mostly because all of the other apps keep vector "vector" and raster "raster"; while both Affinity's are built on the same vector-raster hybrid so effectively each app will have the others peculiarities ( raster-half pixel, vector-whole pixel ) unless tuned. The bigger issue for me with this approach its that, at least for now, I found it very hard to trust that what its displayed in the app is similar to the final export which I think we all agree is something crucial in graphic software and that I am usually forced to double and triple check everything first ( worries which I never encountered in other software ). My two cents. :rolleyes:
  5. pixelrain

    Last Used Directory

    Amen ! Defaulting to "system32" is not cool.
  6. Is your layer "Image" or "Pixel" ? The last one is what you want, as the first one is still a dynamic original and not completely bitmap, for manipulation purposes. You have to rasterize it first from image to a pixel layer and then do the crop.
  7. To use a special color profile, you download the profile you intend to use, then you copy it into ?:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\color\ (assuming windows) then you configure Affinity to use it for your images (in Affinity apps navigate to Edit / Preferences / Color) you can change rendering intent there too. If you just want to check colors, you can just use Softproof Adjustment. For embedding a profile check the "more" tab of the file export options popup and choose there.
  8. Glad you solved it, now its worth pointing that if your monitor(s) have their own drivers (which usually include their custom profile), any video driver change will reset this back and force you to remove it again in control panel. The simpler solution is to just remove any driver for the display(s) and just use the windows generic one (assuming there is no functionality lost that you really need.) this way you'll never need to worry about this.
  9. No problem, both are very similar so its not a huge difference. You can also take a look at the videos from their channels on Vimeo or Youtube if you prefer it.
  10. pixelrain


    I consider a system stable if it doesn't crash (excluding faulty apps or drivers) in normal usage. Passing a test is just "it was stable for the duration of that test/scenario". Most likely those are not stable on the long run, but do show there could be improvements in the future with higher clocked ram. For example i have to stick to 1333 (all four slots filled), anything above will eventually lead to a crash. 1066 being recommended for all four slots -_- How strong is the cpu's IMC plays also a huge role.
  11. pixelrain


    From that spreadsheet, 4x16GB at 3200, like WOW, compared to 4 dimm slots max of 2133 from AMD's tech slides.
  12. pixelrain


    @Qu4ntumSpin Curious if you had any RAM troubles with that build. Infinity Fabric loves fast RAM.
  13. Draw persona is the default "vector" part of Designer, while Pixel is its "raster" toolset. Affinity Photo's "Photo" persona is very similar to Designer's Pixel persona, with some extras; and also includes a good portion of vector tools from Designer's Draw persona. The Workbook is for Designer, and you own Photo, from there the confusion. :)
  14. To minimize risk of blurry exports, you have to make sure move by whole pixels & force pixel alignment are turned on (even better if they are on since the creation of your document) and check the object/image/layer width and height values in the the transform tab and at the final export to be integer values. :)
  15. pixelrain

    After export, text in image is unsharp

    Dunno, maybe you could try creating everything back from scratch, but this time have those two checked since the beginning; or use the latest beta available to you. This is how i can get blurry exports over here.