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  1. Thank you very much. I fixed it now. I had to check "use my settings for this device" so I can delete the factory profile of the monitor. Having no profile at all in color management like Pixelrain suggested didn't do the trick tho. I manually added an sRGB IEC61966-2.1 Profile and then it worked. Really great piece of Software by the way.
  2. Hi Callum, Yes I tried all of them. Also reinstalling completely, playing around with the color profile settings, going back to factory settings, using another monitor. Until now now nothing helped. The Fullscreen Photo Viewer pixelrain mentioned didn't have a tint. Thanks for your time, Simon S.
  3. Thank you very much for your time and effort. I once had a trial Version of Photoshop CC installed and if I remember right, there was no color shift. Otherwise, I have Blender, 3DS Max, Gimp, Fusion, Lightworks.... and I never had problems with a color shift in any of those. As soon as I can, I will test adding the sRGB....profile manually and look if there is something wrocg with the white balance setting as suggested by @Engine44. The thing is, I can't try anything until Monday because I don't have access to my PC at the weekend. If this does not work, I will contact the Customer Service.
  4. Yes i did - the settings are all the same as in pixelrains screenshot. I also tried reinstalling and apply factory settings, but nothing helped.
  5. Thanks but it is definitely not the monitor. I have two monitors and it's the same on both. Every other software has no tint and if i make a screenshot and check it in another software, i can see that for example Affinity's "white" is actually not white but R 255, G253, B219 also the screenshots i attached should show this. Windows 10, NVidia GTX970 - forgot to add that. This is Affinity's color settings in case there is something unusual with this.
  6. I just bought Affinity Photo and whenever i create a new image, it is not white but has a weird yellow tint. Also when i draw with 0 saturation and should be just grey it has this tint. When i open Photos they are tinted (unless it is set to greyscale in the first place) Image as displayed in Affinity Photo (left) and the original (right) I appreciate any help i can get.