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  1. Thanks Alfred, but those directions don't quite work. Yes, I've accomplished making a 50% grey short cut but it didn't fill the pixel layer. Following those directions and activating my shortcut key seems to set the primary color to 50% grey and then you still need to choose Edit; Fill. So this is still a multi step process: 1) Create a Pixel layer 2) Use your shortcut to set the primary color to 50% Grey 3) Edit; Fill; (or Shift-F5) (assuming the dialog has "Primary Color" selected) 4) Click Apply
  2. Considering how often it is suggested to make a 50% grey layer, it seems like there should be a short cut to do this rather than making it several steps to create one. At the very least, on the fill dialog there could be a button for "50% Grey". (count the number of times the Affinity WorkBook instructs you to make a 50% grey layer!)
  3. I was hoping the workbook would go into a bit more detail. For example page 271 introduces using Frequency Separation and says (for Radius) "a setting of 1.5 px is perfect as it pulls enough skin texture into the high frequency layer (detail) without pulling through too much of the tonal imperfections". Another tutorial (video) suggests a setting of more like 8 px. It would be great if some tutorial video would go into depth on this topic showing examples and explaining why different values might be choosen. I tried "Adjusting Skin Tone" (pages 274 & 275) on one of my own photos and it "didn't work" (certainly it didn't have the effect I expected). This needs a bit more explanation of what they are trying to achieve. I was trying to smooth out some "blotchy" skin and thought this technique might work but it didn't.
  4. I haven't seen any "start to finish" tutorials for Affinity Photo. The tutorials all seem to be individual techniques. You might want to consider the new "workbook" that they just published.
  5. Oh??? Thank you. Yes, I think I switched it to always work with 32 bit (couldn't see any disadvantage to 32 bit). I just checked and sure enough, that was it. Thank you!!!
  6. Why is the "bilateral blur" filter no longer available in v1.5.2 on Windows? It used to work but now it's greyed out.
  7. Could the software please remember the last used directory separately for opening and for exporting. A frequent workflow for me is: 1) Open Image 2) Edit Image 3) Export Image (repeat many times) It's a waste of time to have to navigate back and forth between my "originals" and my "export" directory for every photo I edit. Export should remember the last directory I exported to and this should not interfere with remembering the last directory I opened a file from. This is a very simple software change but would save users a lot of time.
  8. Once you've edited the low and high frequency layers how do you merge them back into being a single pixel layer that you can then do more editing on?
  9. Overall the tutorials are fantastic and an awesome feature of Affinity. However the "Raw: Developing Images" tutorial has a lot of "click on the Chromatic Aberration Reduction will reduce chromatic aberration". Uh, well, if the viewer doesn't know what chromatic aberration is then this doesn't teach them anything (same critique applies to most of the rest of that tutorial for even simple things like "contrast" which probably everyone actually knows what contrast is)
  10. I'm also interested in "Skin Smoothing". PaintShop Pro has a "skin smoothing" tool that makes this process downright trivially simple (and thus fast and easy to do). Apparently I have to research and study "Frequency Separation" (a completely non-intuitive term).
  11. Excellent tutorial, very cool concept! Thanks for mentioning this tutorial.
  12. It would be nice if we could set the default resample method when exporting files. As it is now every time I export an image as a JPG, I have to change the resample method from "Bilinear" to "Lanczos 3 Non-Separable".
  13. It's poor wording, but a very minor issue compared to other things that could be addressed.
  14. The tutorial videos that Affinity provides are fantastic (essentially what sold me on buying and trying Affinity Photo), however it seems like they could use a tutorial video on some basics of using the user interface. Much is obvious, a lot can be discovered by a bit of experimentation, but sometimes tricks like this are not easy to find (and thus should be in a video to explain and show them off).
  15. Thank you Trinity! And it turns out that if you hold down Shift while using the scroll wheel in the values box then you can increment by tenths (0.1)! Excellent! You've made Affinity much more usable for me!
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