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  1. Hi guys Just had an email informing of some update to AP the iOS version and it says it’s compatible with IPad Air 2? ,I thought AP was only compatible with IPad Pro have I missed something or has it just recently become ok for other Ipad’s? thanks Steve
  2. Hi guys Had this offer sent in an email from Affinity, I may have missed something but is AD available on ios now ??. thanks Steve
  3. Hi folks I'm thinking of buying the Affinity Designer work book but having AD 1.6 installed I assume the book does not cover 1.6 is there much difference between 1.5 and 1.6 or might there be a 1.6 version imminent?. Thanks Steve
  4. Great stuff, many thanks Ronnie and George. Steve
  5. Hi guys I`m often blown away by the works of art done by folk on the forum and would dearly love to get into that but never having drawn stuff before it would be great for some pointers from you experts how to get started in this please?. Did you guys start off your drawing careers the conventional (?) way using paper,paints, pencils etc and then move onto digital?. I have a registered copy of Artrage 4 (before I`d heard of AD ) which I got for the kids which I`ve had a play with. Any tuts,books you could recommend would be great ! Thanks cheers Steve
  6. Well thats weird it won`t` let me show the youtube link! ah I have to use the `link` icon doh! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI9AWVfzrc4
  7. Cheers for that James at least it can be done will just have to suss out which tut ;). Think it might be this one . regards Steve
  8. Excellent thanks for the name Alfred, will please my other half after nattering me to find out :) . Steve
  9. Hi guys Trying out my Sigma 105 macro in the garden on this particular flower (not sure what flower it is if anyone does please?) using the focus stack tool in AP beta and although it seems to do a good job I get these out of focus shifted background images which spoil the shot and wondered if its possible to cure that at all?. Total of 8 NEF`s taken. thanks Steve
  10. Hi Jan I have the XP-Star05 and very happy with it. Important to follow the driver install instructions to the letter ie remove ANY graphic tablet drivers and disable antivirus before installing new drivers. Steve
  11. Hi guys I`ve been looking for some time for a graphics tablet and had decided to get the Intuos pro medium but can`t seem to get hold of one in the UK, SO plan B I started looking on youtube for recommendations and came across the XP-Pen Star05 which I gather has not been out long, it has wireless, has an 8"x5" active area and so I thought I`d order one and if it didn`t work with any of my gear then the excellent Amazon returns would be used. Ordered yesterday and arrived today and have to say I`m delighted with it. Following the advice given I made sure yesterday any tablet drivers were uninstalled, my virus checker disabled and downloaded and installed the latest driver from the XP-Pen web site and waited for it to arrive. Plugged it in, instantly recognised and up and running in about 10 seconds and works perfectly with AP. It actually seems fine with all the software I have, I don`t think it has a tilt feature which I`m not bothered about but all in all I think not getting an Intuos has worked out ok for me as I now have an excellent graphics tablet for a quarter of the price of the Intuos and it works like a dream no lag at all. cheers Steve
  12. Thanks again AJ, I've emailed them and see what they say!. Regards Steve
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