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  1. Thanks, I'm using the latest official beta with windows 1803, so far, no problems.
  2. Affinity photo 1.63 does some very weird things on Windows 10 1803 to the point of the program becoming unstable and unusable. I was editing an 8 megabyte JPEG when the inpainting brush started doing weird things, white inpaints went black, the dodge brush tool caused a flickering lighter darker effect where used and one swipe with the sponge brush tool made the program crash. I was going to send JPEGS of the files with the steps I used when the problems manifested but get I this error message ' There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 ' (approx 25megabytes of files in total) anyway, AP sent its own crash report both times, the third time it vanished.
  3. The inpainting tool opacity was set to 0%, I really don't know how that happened, it is reset to 100% many thanks.
  4. It doesn't work on the pixel layer image now it has translated through to the very latest version of AP 1.64. The beta version inpainting brush works fine. So I'm guessing it is a settings issue, I've reset everything in the preferences list, still no luck.
  5. I have been having a weird problem with AF Photo, the inpainting brush stopped working a week or two ago, it still makes a red 'mask' while it calculates what it must do - the problem is that nothing changes once it has finished calculating, the area to be in painted just doesn't get inpainted. The problem has persisted through to the latest, AF 1.6.4 version, so I'm guessing it is a problem in the settings of the program as the inpainting tool works very well with the betas, including the latest one. Any suggestions as how to fix this? At the moment I am using the beta for production as I use the inpainting brush extensively in some pictures.
  6. Echo - Inpainting brush in AP has just stopped working
  7. proshot69

    Topic closed by OP

    Thanks :-)
  8. proshot69

    Topic closed by OP

    I've already moved on, found other ways to 'skin the cat' so the issue isn't relevant to me anymore, when your beta app works it works very well, when it fails, it does so spectacularly as well.
  9. proshot69

    Topic closed by OP

    Done - now please address the problem instead of shooting the messenger.
  10. The exif file bundled with the latest beta of Affinity Photo ( still triggers Hitman Pro Alert lockdown, and, strangely starts up the Affinity Designer installation program each time when it blocks the exif. (The latest version of Designer is already installed on my computer) I'm using 64 bit Windows 10 pro version 1703 if that is of any help. Affinity Photo (and the beta) still work fine after the exif lockdown so it doesn't really bother me except for the nuisance value each time I use the software and i have to shutdown the alert, cancel the designer install, then get to work. Hopefully this problem will be rectified sometime by Affinity, FWIW I don't think that it is up to us, or the Hitman pro Alert people to adjust anything.
  11. proshot69

    Importing layers

    I have noticed that when I am working on an image in Photo, if i try to import a background, or anything really, as a layer, it shows up in the list of layers as its own layer yet it appears to be stuck, as a part of any existing layer and is as such, not editable as a separate entity. In fact it throws all of the pre existing image layers into an unworkable mess, the only work around is to remove most of the layers and try something else, usually without success. I find myself switching between GIMP anf Affinity Photo quite often to get the result I want as Affinity is impressive at certain tasks, where GIMP handles the others with ease.. I hope to be able to do all my photo editing in Affinity one day as what it can do it does with aplomb.. Here is an example where I selected, and isolated the foreground subject with Affinity, then created and applied a background layer in GIMP. I think that what would be a great plus for Affinity photo is the use of adjustment sliders that can be manipulated with the mouse, or keyboard, or both whilst giving live feedback of the resulting changes on screen. The keyboard is great for certain tasks, not others. Ctrl 0 for example is welcome. Though ctrl i doesn't invert the selection, it inverts the colors of what is already selected, quite surreal, and charming in a way.
  12. proshot69

    Crashes and other inexplicable stuff

    That would be over 1 gigabyte of images and data, I have a better idea, you take a focus stack of 32 raw images of over 30 megabytes each, use the new focus merge in Affinity, Photo 1.52, when that has finished, open the single output file of the stack with the new HDR with or without tone mapping (it doesn't really matter which option). When that has finished take whichever output image you want, select the part of the image you want to keep, invert the selection and cut away the parts you don't want, that's when it gets interesting, the background is not removed correctly, and, when you add another layer to replace the background, filling it say, with black. you will notice what I am talking about, tit is also somewhere around here that the program crashes, the crash report says it can't send the crash, so no file, no history. If the program hasn't crashed then you will se artifacts i the areas that should be transparent, nothing seems to remove them, that's when I export the image inti GIMP apply the finishing touches thee without any problems. I've attached a scaled down version of the finished product FYI. I think that your program is really good, I'm now using it most of the time 'cos of the general quality of the results which are impressive indeed.
  13. Problem: RAW focus stack, followed by HDR of single resulting 157megabyte file, all good, then when further manipulation is attempted the program (Photo) crashes, or exhibits odd behavior. If I select an object from the resulting image, invert selection then cut background, it appears to be okay if it hasn't crashed yet) until I add a new pixel layer with, say, black fill, that's when the artifacts, from what should have been a clean cut, start showing up. Nothing I do will remove these anomalies. That's when I have to export the image into another app to remove what Affinity can't. Also, when the program crashes I get a message box saying that the crash handler can't handle the crash then, it too vanishes. The frustrating part of it is that I would like to do all of the image manipulation in one package without switching to the GIMP, then back again to handle what is a relatively simple task.

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