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  1. But no where does it explain selective sharpening... I’ve searched everywhere and got nothing it applies to the whole image and you can’t mask it
  2. I changed it to Apple raw it does the same but... but when I drag and drop in Affinity it works no matter which raw processor I choose... Strange and sad because this camera was released months ago and affinity still doesn't support it officially ... C'mon Affinity
  3. This happens every time I try to import any of my Raw files... I searched the forums and did not find anything about this. 10.14.2 Mojave 1.6.7 affinity
  4. Yeah i was working on it too but its very slow going... Absolutely I would love that! The only issue with the video above is there are gaps in my workflow not covered by this. If you are starting a channel I would love to throw ideas back and forth with you. I would love some complete start to finish Edits. I see many users on here are looking for similar so i believe it would be successful
  5. The 2 hour time frame came from the Affinity social media account on twitter ... I sure as hell hope they are making fun of the customers ... If you read the first post you will see I clearly mentioned the iPad ... I have plenty of patience but like i said when your given a time frame from the company and it comes and goes without a single response it get a little frustrating . Affinity is in a unique situation to dominate this industry given that they are currently not a subscription based platform ... I would love to see them succeed at making adobe eat there lunch. Regardless, yes there are individual tutorials but allot of wholes to fill for a new user such as myself. I apologize I didn't know they where such a small team. I do enjoy the parts of the community trying to help though... Yup I am coming up with something through trial and error but it is a very slow going right now
  6. Thank you guys but these are all for the desktop version and im looking for iPad complete tutorials ... It helps though with terminology just not layout and workflow. dmstraker Wow! those are amazing ! James those examples do need enhanced versions and also need to be incorporated using the iPad ... Donato thank you! but i need a complete iPad edit . So im guessing complete edits are not available for the iPad version ... Affinity... My wishlist is a walkthrough start to finish with downloadable files so we can go step by step with you
  7. I posted this and still haven't heard back from anyone ... not really great support going on here ... I was told on twitter just post up on here and i would have an answer or direction within a couple of hours
  8. Hello? are there any complete start to finish tutorials out there??? I can't believe that i haven't even gotten a reply back from a MOD that could point me in the direction
  9. I would like to request a similar Edit and walkthrough as this one here on youtube but for affinity for the iPad... Particularly bringing the sun out & complete start to finish since I'm new to Affinity Photo ... I know this result is possible i just can't get down the layers and masking ... If anyone could put something like this together i would be forever grateful Thank You, Joey
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