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  1. thank you, i will use u tube.... and i run windows 10..just had an upgrade, which im still trying to fathom...lol
  2. hi, downloaded latest... the speech is _ON_ but no images..... ever hopeful and thank you
  3. marfbum


    sorru for not getting back sooner, im a little slow but thank you for your answer...good
  4. hi, hope this is what you mean, im a little slow....
  5. marfbum


    sorry i cant explain further...dont understand..please forget it..i am managing...ove marfbum
  6. hi, i am having trouble using brushes...no nibs as such but a thread...can this be changed please to an easier method
  7. marfbum

    Grass brush for AP - updated to v.0.2

    thank you..love them
  8. marfbum

    Xmas texture styles 1+2

    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  9. hi alfred no, dont get location is not available even tried cortana and she came up with -commands and file..which i deleted, but to avail but thank you
  10. hi lynn, tried your help, but in all the roaming. there is no affinity designer file, i give up thank you
  11. hi, where is %AppData%\Affinity\Designer\1.0\ im not a techie and have looked through my files have repaired twice, but pen still crashes...
  12. please could i have a new download i get confused love
  13. marfbum

    Spiral feature

    me too,plus replicate - blend - roughen - shapes - gallery - bricks etc... im with mary lou and company.... thank you