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  1. Select similar is essential when supplied complex plans that haven't been organised into relevant layers - otherwise it can be a nightmare selecting things.
  2. Needed the free distort today to lay a vector siteplan over the drone aerial image and went back to fireworks to do it... is this feature coming?
  3. Sending the old version of the app to the trash enabled the download of the new version in the App Store for me. Whoot!
  4. Same here - how to access this exciting new update instead of an App Store open button to launch the version I have... mine current version says 1.6.1 though...
  5. +1 for animated gif / frames feature... if included then this software pretty much caters for everything we use fireworks for.
  6. Option drag to duplicate seems to be in my dna...
  7. Did this get fixed? Trying to draw with the canvas swishing about is tricky dicky.
  8. DJ_Jaybee

    Drop Shadow

    Looks like it takes - 4-5 clicks to get a decent drop shadow to be applied... ?
  9. To be able to open a fireworks png and still have the frames / states would be boss.