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  1. We first got Affinity Designer when Adobe dropped Fireworks... as it's a great hybrid vector / pixel tool and whilst it doesn't do everything that Fireworks does / did we discovered that it's an excellent program for creation and editing. Affinity Designer has quite a lot of features we consider much nicer than Fireworks and illustrator, so in using it over the years have grown to love it - and will generally prefer to use it... but for some work requirements it is still missing key features - mainly for me, the free distort tool. At the moment I would probably use Affinity Designer 70% of the time - if it had free distort tool that would potentially be able to use it 90% of the time. At that point I would be wondering if we still need Adobe... which seemed to be what Adobe's latest customer survey was asking, so maybe they are getting worried that there is more competition now + people have grown to like other software when they've tried it. If they hadn't dropped Fireworks, we probably would never have started looking at other options and seen other software we really like working with.
  2. It's essential. We are also paying for Adobe subscriptions as essential tools like a free distort tool still isn't included. If you have art work you've already created and want to add it into a perspective scene and need to retain vector editability to edit shading etc - with free distortion tool you can place this in the scene in seconds... if as a designer or illustrator you need do this - the first time you find it's missing, you would consider this tool essential.
  3. There are plenty of things that Fireworks did perfectly years ago - that in 2021 I’m still scratching around hoping for a proper alternative to use. Affinity Designer is close - and does some things better than Fireworks, but is still missing some essential functionality that would make us able to forget the F word for good. I understand importing Fireworks PNGs isn’t possible... and I’d still like the states / animated gif ability that Fireworks had... and export preview to adjust quality/ file size optimisation... but the free distortion tool is something that should really be part of the vector and pixel tools and is most important to me. Fireworks also had a plugin / extension ability that allowed other developers to create useful tools and functionality - maybe this should be introduced to Affinity Designer so that there is another way for additional features to be introduced.
  4. We have no idea of whether these essential functions are on the road map and that is the frustrating part. I'm happy if bug fixes and smaller features are implemented in .x.x numbers as free updates and there if there is an upgrade price for the main version number 2.0 update - we expect would introduce substantial features and functionality improvements. If it's this model that is holding it up, then if there is an interim update charge to implement some of the these essential missing functions - if it's reasonably priced, people would pay to for these and also keep the project moving... If we could see the proposed features on the road map and vote, then at least we would know what's on the to-do list - and get and get feedback on what is considered important to address next in line.
  5. Hi it only has 8GB Memory which may be the issue - and I do often switch between applications but Affinity is the only one that freezes. The application is unable to tab to although I see it's icon selecting it doesn't bring it to the front/display it. If I hide any other applications it either displays only the top menu - or sometimes I can see the workspace, but is just unresponsive and never comes back. Affinity never quits on it's own - I have to force quit. The file that was open is recoverable on relaunch.
  6. This latest version of Affinity Designer seems to freeze often - either when clicked a file to open from Finder or trying to tab back to Affinity from another program - it won't come to the front. If you hide everything so you can see Affinity window again it's frozen. Is there a way / key command to get it back rather than having to force quit... ? It usually has the file restore ok when you open again - but it's annoying that it does it often and doesn't ever seem to be come back from being unresponsive.
  7. Free transform / distort feature is essential, we need to know where on the roadmap this feature is. Posted in the other section but hopefully this is where we might get an update response. Without it this software is unsuitable for many tasks and hoped it would have been included in the last release as so many have requested.
  8. Select similar is essential when supplied complex plans that haven't been organised into relevant layers - otherwise it can be a nightmare selecting things.
  9. Needed the free distort today to lay a vector siteplan over the drone aerial image and went back to fireworks to do it... is this feature coming?
  10. Sending the old version of the app to the trash enabled the download of the new version in the App Store for me. Whoot!
  11. Same here - how to access this exciting new update instead of an App Store open button to launch the version I have... mine current version says 1.6.1 though...
  12. +1 for animated gif / frames feature... if included then this software pretty much caters for everything we use fireworks for.
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