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  1. Issue persists with the newest version. I also tried with the scrolling function of a huion and wacom tablet, but it's the same issue with the logitech mouse. Scroll rotation only works with the macbook touchpad, but not with any other peripheral...
  2. Hi @MEB Thanks for the quick answer. Use mouse wheel to zoom is unchecked. Toggling it doesn't help either.
  3. Hey folks! The function to rotate with CMD + scroll wheel on OSX for Designer and Photo seems to be broken for me. When pressing the CMD key and using the scroll wheel, nothing happens. However pressing the CMD key and using two finger scroll works. After using the two finger rotating, the mouse scroll wheel will always rotate the canvas, no matter if CMD is pressed or not. Only after scrolling on the touchpad with two fingers without pressing the CMD key, I can use the scroll wheel on the mouse normally again. However the CMD key plus scroll wheel still doesn't work as before. Resta
  4. As stokerg wrote, just copy the text element which attributes you want (⌘ (cmd) + C), then paste the attributes on the text element you want to apply it (⇧ (shift) + ⌘ (cmd) + V). Works like a charm~
  5. Heya~ When moving around a grouped item, there are some artefacts remaining while moving it around. The moment you let go, the artefacts disappear too. https://vimeo.com/506643830 Best regards, Pascal edit: wrong category, it's not publisher beta, it's designer beta...
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