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  1. Bruce-R

    First foray into AD

    Awesome colourful work! must of taken some time.
  2. Bruce-R

    Debut dribbble shot

    Hey designer pals! I have been lucky enough to win a dribbble invitation. I created my debut shot with affinity photo over the weekend... Please hook up with me on dribbble if you use it... @funkyimage
  3. No problem flavioteca - post up anything you create
  4. Bruce-R

    Rock Starling

    Hey thanks for all the feedback everyone, very appreciated. Starting to get a style to my work I feel finally. Have an awesome weekend!
  5. Bruce-R

    Rock Starling

    Hey Peter, Thanks very much for spotting that! I have not seen it myself yet but I hear it's hard to miss. Pulled this pic off the facebook page...
  6. Bruce-R

    We are The Freaks - Character Design

    Hey Insecto, love the characters style and colour palette you have used. Will be looking forward to seeing more Freaks!
  7. Bruce-R

    Rock Starling

    Hey Matt / Chris / George, Thanks for the great feedback. I'm really chuffed with the positive comments... hopefully I can burn some midnight oil and post up more in the not too distant future.
  8. Bruce-R

    Rock Starling

    Hey MEB / retrograde / ball_uriel, Thanks very much for taking the time to check out my work and the kind comments. I hope to contribute to the forum more in the near future. Kevin, I took a peek at your links - Wow awesome, inspiring work! your High Flyer has to be my fav. Back to the drawing board then! :D
  9. Doh! :rolleyes: thanks very much for spotting that Hokusai . It's now fixed.
  10. Bruce-R

    Rock Starling

    Hi, just a little post showing off a character design I created using Affinity Designer for the first time... The character was created for some music festival posters I put together. If you wish to see the process please visit my blog.
  11. Hey! I'm sure there must be simpler/better ways to create vector textures but I have created a small tutorial on my website for anyone who wishes to create the effect... http://www.funkyimage.com/blog/creating-gradient-vector-texures-in-affinity-designer