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  1. It is actually an Apple Cinema HD Display I just confirmed this bug is still present in 133.
  2. I'm trying to imagine what global layers would be and thinking of a group that is on all pages even though the content of the group is distinct for each page?
  3. While I understand that in general, it might be nice to at least have the option to convert a single-page spread-based document to an artboard-based one in case someone accidentally created a spread-based document that was intended to be artboard-based and didn't realize it until after they started working on it? Just a thought... Interpreting this mix of messages to mean that as of 1.7.x Designer can also create spread-based files, but Photo can only work with those created elsewhere? If Photo can also create them it might be interesting to build on this with something similar to Corel Painter's tracing paper / animation capabilities by treating each "page" of the document as a frame in a flipbook-style animation, allowing the previous page / "frame" to be seen behind the current one (tracing paper style) to draw that next frame... wrong forum I know (different product), but just a thought that came up while thinking about this.
  4. Will it be possible to convert a spread-based document to an artboard-based one? Will Photo support these also?
  5. fde101

    Apple Color Emoji

    If it were a normal font, I wouldn't expect it I would think this more likely a lack of support for color fonts (guessing SVG fonts)?
  6. fde101

    Minimize studio

    There have been several recent threads on this already. You can use the tab key to toggle all of the studio items on and off quickly for example.
  7. That option seems like it would be a fairly good way for Affinity to cover a lot of turf relatively easily. Should also make a preference to determine if imported images are linked or embedded by default.
  8. Matching feature for feature is simply adding features without purpose. That leads to bloat and is not a good approach to software design.
  9. fde101

    Some Issues with Beta 128

    Keyboards with a numeric keypad also have a + button on the keypad; that might be what they had in mind?
  10. Given that each has capabilities that don't make sense in the other case, this would cause a loss of something depending on what was actually being used: if a text box is linked to another text box, I would guess that link would be broken, so how would you handle the conversion? If the artistic text is on a path, you would lose the path? It seems like a nice feature, but it would probably need to be limited to those cases where the conversion is effectively lossless (not available for a linked text box or for text on a path, for example), or generate some kind of warning or something about what would be lost?
  11. You can select the text, cut, create the text frame, and paste. Being able to convert directly would be nice but I don't see that option either.
  12. JPEG does not support transparency so you will need to use a different format (PNG, TIFF, etc.)
  13. fde101

    Dots in tabs

    I was able to make a more subtle version of it happen, but I had to drag out guides to convince myself of what I thought I was seeing. The dots are not lined up between the two lines.
  14. Instead of using a text box, create a shape instead and with it selected, select Convert to Text Frame from the Layers menu. Apply the effects to that, and add text to it just like you would with a text box.
  15. This isn't bloatware if it can be done generically. It sounds like something that should be incorporated into the definition of the spread.
  16. I think he just meant to make the indicator larger, but seeing them as lines would be nice too sometimes...
  17. nice... and essentially the equivalent of inserting a temporary change back to a single column, then a change back to two, about what I thought I was reading. Some word processors have the ability to insert a column break / change in the column count part way down a page, which could achieve a similar effect to this, though I haven't checked yet to see if Affinity Publisher has that option.
  18. fde101

    Affinity Word?

    Scrivener is great, and I use that as well, but it is not a word processor in the same sense as the other programs we are discussing - different type of beast.
  19. fde101

    Justification and hyphenation

    I believe TeX is actually public domain? Personally I think it would be nice to have metafont support, but I'm sure that's a fairly large effort, so I'm not holding my breath.
  20. Actually, it might be nice to have standard callouts like that added to the set of shapes that can be created directly from the toolbar...
  21. fde101

    Affinity Word?

    I use Mellel, but looks like Atlantis is only for the inferior platform, so that may not help much if you are looking at that one.
  22. The world is wrong. Deal with it. The primary target of this software has already been clearly defined as printed material, though the Affinity team has already indicated they do plan on adding some level of support for a currently unspecified set of ebook formats at some point. This is NOT a web site designer, nor would I for one wish it to become one - wrong kind of tool for that. Web sites need to have a responsive layout, which is in conflict with the form of design this program handles - it is designed for producing materials with a fixed layout. The only way to reasonably support both in one program without a significant compromise would be to have two different types of documents - a responsive document and a fixed-format document - but then it may as well be a separate program, which could be more focused on the intended task, so not much value in that approach.
  23. They have already said that inline graphics and anchored objects are on the roadmap. Others are asking for grep searching, not sure about paragraphs that span columns (that is actually a thing? I find that curious as it sounds like it is basically a temporary change in the column structure that merges two or more of the columns back into a single column?)
  24. Somewhere on another thread someone from the Affinity team already indicated that hyperlinks are on the roadmap but they didn't have a timetable on them yet.