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  1. OMG - yes! Thank you for pointing that out! I didn't notice that so far. Wow, that's changing the whole discussion.
  2. Still, 103% leading currently is the default in affinity products - and it's just plain stupid. And it's totally out of question that the person in front of the machine still needs to think. It's also out of question that a default is just needed as a starting point. Or would you really like to show a popup to ask the user for the desired leading when inserting text? LOL Moreover, it's causing unnecessary pain when coming from any other competing product. 120% leading is the standard default value - like it or not.
  3. 120% is a standard in graphics design in general. This is explained in any good book about graphics design/typography. Haha, yes, 120% can not be suitable, that's why you can change the value if needed. But in the majority of all cases 120% is the way to go - or at least to start with. A deafult of 103% just makes no sense - unless you want documents with a lack of leading to become a synonym for being "made with affinity". Even PagePlus did it right - like the rest of the world.
  4. Leading (in paragraph settings) should default to 120% rather than 103% - like in other design software. Apart from 120% being the standard in other software like Adobe CS. 120% leading is known to be best practice in graphics design in general. It's just a better starting point that does not even have to be changed in most cases. Moreover a leading value of 120% has even been the default in the successors of Affinity products. If you don't want to change the default of 103%, please make the default leading value configurable in the settings dialog!
  5. designchris

    Photo: Batch Job - incomplete processing

    Same here using Affinity Photo Trying to batch resize erikflower's weather icons from SVG to PNG (512 x 512) 100% CPU and stuck forever...
  6. designchris

    Linked Graphics?

    It looks like it's been implemented partially in Affinity Designer 1.6.0: When placing an image there's no way to select "embed" or "link", but when replacing an existing image, the file open dialog lets you choose that option! Unfortunately it still does not do anything - the file is going to be embedded, no matter what option you have selected. Hopefully this feature will be finished soon!