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  1. Hi, I've downloaded an icon from www.flaticon.com and I'd like to modify it. I've got a whole shape defined in a layer and would like to copy a single shape and move it to a new layer. Any hints, please? Find gif animation attached and also the original SVG (where I want to split the "plant" to a new layer or have it as a separate object) thank you! Here's the original SVG where I want to split the "plant" to a new layer or create a separate object: growth (1).svg The solution I found this far is to duplicate the layer, remove unwanted elements and keep the plant and vice-versa!
  2. @DarkClown that's a bit harsh, coders have feelings too! Programming is difficult and what they've been doing in such a small timeframe (just compared to Illustrator) is incredible! Skew is not a basic feature. Has been requested, I'm sure they'll be releasing anytime soon
  3. The perspective tool is not available yet in Affinity Designer, correct?
  4. Hi, I'd like to have PX by default instead of PT, how to? * affinity designer and also affinity photo if there's the case too
  5. Hi, I'd like to make a selection and create a shadow, like we do in Gimp or Photoshop; how is that? Seems so far that I have to copy the selection and then operate with that? This means, having to colour, blend, blur, all sorts of stuff that may come to your mind, etc; I'd like to be able to do this quickly...and generate an outter shadow based on the selection
  6. Hi, I'd like to know how to export slices, keeping the canvas size and the element position on the canvas. The reason why I'd like to do this is to avoid having to position the element etc, I'd rather stack the layers to re-compose the slices. I guess that if I have a transparent background element, that is exported along each slice, should do, but let me know what other ways around this there are. **** The current solution I have, that works for PNG, SVG, etc is to export it manually. Select the desired layer element and a ghost background (that is transparent for example). Thanks!
  7. Hi, how to create rounded corners? Doesn't the select tool have that functionality? not finding how... tried to create a new rectangle with rounded corners in a new layer, then use the magic selection tool, to then keep the selection and apply on the image, but the magic selection tool also failed. *** if someone is reading this in the future...well...there's no such thing... so try GIMP or use reactangle with rounded corners and Mask below
  8. Just got an email from Affinity, that there's a new version; I bought the license but didn't really use it yet, because I need this feature, so been using gimp. Is this feature available now ?
  9. How to: Crop using rounded corners ? Is this possible using Affinity photo ? Thanks!
  10. Hi @meb, thanks for looking! Yeah, Designer is better for my needs, but I'm liking this so much that I'll just keep the Photo license! I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. Stopped using Adobe for a long time, been using Gimp, etc. Great : ) Obrigado chaval! : D
  11. Hi First of all, amazing work you guys doing. I've been following for awhile and this weekend I've decided to buy a license for Affinity Photo. After checking your website, I found Affinity Designer; I remember seeing it before, but I totally forgot about it. I'm now checking some videos about it and it seems better for me then Affinity Photo. I can edit bitmap images, right ? I think I got it from the Mac Store. Could I get the money back and just buy Designer instead ? I may end up buying the license for Designer too, but if Designer is what I'm seeing it is, I think I won't really use Photo. Thanks : D
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