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  1. Many thanks both I'll work on it. I note that the stroke width units are pt. Is there ant other option such as mm or pixels? Is it possible to get the tool to snap to the exterior of the image? Thanks again for your help
  2. Sorry but l cant get my photoshop head around your reply. Suppose I have a rectangular pixel layer fiiled in white. How do I put a 20 pixel border around it in black.
  3. I know where it is in PS but can you please tell me where I find the stroke tool in AP.
  4. Dear toltec Thank you for your suggestion which solves part of the problem. But I didn't want a solid black border which is next to the picture. I want a thin surround spaced away from the picture whose density I can control. This would mean that the template would have to be transparent between the picture and the line and outside the line. When printed these areas would show the base colour of the printing paper.
  5. I mount all my pictures, both A3 and A4 on a standard size 400 x 500 card mount with standard size cutouts for portrait or landscape. I always surround the image with a thin black line with the same margin on top and sides but with a larger margin on the bottom I need a simple workflow to achieve the following 1 To select the appropriate part of an edited image and set it to the standard size. 2 To create the black line around the image with the standard margins and thickness and density 3 To be able to go back at any time and easily change any of the above.
  6. Many thanks for your rapid response. Being an ex photoshop user sometimes causes a few hiccups in my approach to Photo.
  7. When I go to File, New to create a new file no Background layer (or indeed any layer) appears in the Layers Panel. Hence I cannot select it to do any thing with it. My operating system is Win 10. What am I missing?
  8. Many thanks to you both. As always I found the video very useful even without any sound. I'll now go away and see if it works for me!
  9. How do i edit a mask using brushes or the gradient tool so that I can see the effect as I paint?
  10. Many thanks. I will check your list and I look forward to AF filters in due time. The more I use AF the more impressed I Am!
  11. I am a long time Photoshop user and I am very impressed with my first trials of AP but I have not been able to find the range of creative filters provided in PS. Is there any way that I can import these Filters?