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  1. One more voice for Targa export (with alpha channel).
  2. Yes please, so much time spent recentering the canvas inside its window borders.
  3. In separated window mode the context help bar attached to the document window vanishes: 1. With AP and active document in focus and a tool active it displays as expected 2. Switching to another app (like Finder) and switching back to AP leads to the bar staying empty until another tool is chosen (applies to Designer 1.7.0 as well) Just to be clear: I'm talking about this window element (not sure what it's called):
  4. Are you referring to the 'use SHIFT to cycle tools' option?
  5. Don't worry, this isn't one of these requests for a Linux port (not that I'd complain). I'm just curious if anyone has tried running the Affinity products through WINE or any other solution on Linux: ideal choice of distro, performance impressions, problems encountered, anything else that would be good to know? I mainly use Affinity on Mac these days but do have Windows licenses that I'd like to put to proper use - and seeing as the Macbook Pro is not what it used to be I'm seriously considering a Linux based laptop as my next portable, hence the question.
  6. The brush properties change via hotkey+gesture is nice for sure but having a brush picker right under your mouse (ideally combined with a color picker) would be preferable IMO. Photoshop (full version) should serve as an inspiration for how to do it.
  7. I'm running Photo and Designer on the Mac in separated window mode and I regularly experience that document windows are opening up right under the floating UI elements. In some cases even the window bar becomes inaccessible until I toggle off the UI. Bit of a hassle when opening several images at once. Would it be possible to tweak this behaviour so that newly opened/created document windows steer well clear of the UI elements by default?
  8. Same here. Would be great to see improvements made to channel paste and the addition of the TGA file format (export).
  9. I voted 'No thanks'. Between Quicklook in Apple's Finder and various image viewers/catalogs with drag & drop capabilities or right-click 'Open with' functionality I do not need another such app which would have to be brought up to functionality standards over - I expect - several versions. Always avoided Bridge in PS as it was considered a bit of a resource hog. These days I would not mind Luminar to recognize AP however. Bit of a bummer that the 'Open with' options seem hard coded in that one. At any rate I tend to set up separate image viewers with the folders opened that I need to work with and then just drag from there.
  10. I tend to use the Affinity apps in separated mode on the Mac to gain more flexibility when working with multiple documents vs. the default tabbed setup that only allows me to view one document at a time. There's an issue in separated mode that documents sometimes open with their title bar placed right behind the interface elements, requiring the user to hide the UI to be able to reposition the window. Also there seems to be no way to display the status bar in separated mode right now. This one: Therefore - have you considered adding an application window as a background to that mode like Photoshop does it? It avoids having the interface consist of just a bunch of floating elements directly on the desktop with the visual background clutter that this tends to lead to and the issue that the interface vanishes as soon as the app loses focus, leaving only document windows visible. (same goes for Designer)
  11. This has definitely been asked for before. With every beta or new release I download I am always crossing fingers for getting that kind of window behaviour. While we're at it - being able to have the program auto-arrange open documents a la Photoshop would be a god send too (Window -> Arrange -> Horizontal, Vertical, Stacked,...).
  12. Posting to support this request. The tool toggle is a real flow-breaker when working.
  13. I'm all for a context menu/mini brush palette but I think it would need to be much more compact than your mockup. You don't want an endless context menu hovering on your viewport when all you need to do is to quickly pick a brush or change basic settings. IMO it should contain a color picker/mini palette as well - and be user-customizable. The sculpting tool ZBrush has an interesting approach where you press and hold the space bar to show the menu. You can pick and adjust as needed and to make the menu go away you just let go of the space bar again. Very fluid to work with once you get the hang of it.
  14. Isn't it a pretty straight rip of Nuke on the surface? Perhaps it can get away with this as an open source tool but I imagine as soon as a company steps in to develop a commercial product it will turn into a lengthy legal affair. Also when I tried it it was rather slow. Probably a lot of optimization needed for the critical nodes before it has any chance of competing with Nuke, Fusion and whatever else may be out there. Lastly that is one complex field of applications all on its own - and one with very established products, some offered for free even - does a company really want to step into that market when its solutions for 2D/vector-art should keep it pretty busy for a good while, not to mention its recent developments in the DTP field? How large is the developer army over at Serif anyway?
  15. For completeness sake here's a comparison of CPU options available for your machine: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/Intel-Xeon-E5-2667-v2-vs-Intel-Xeon-E5-1650-v2-vs-Intel-Xeon-E5-1620-v2/2154vs2066vs2047 From left to right: 8-core after-market CPU widely reported as compatible vs 6-core Mac Pro current base vs your 4-core original base model. For multi core applications according to that chart that puts it above the new Mac mini. Question is how much that benefits AP in operation.
  16. If you have a Mac Pro 2013 - you can try running an eGPU with that as well! There's a community for this at https://egpu.io/ Several cylinder macs listed as working configurations. Also interestingly there are benchmarks posted over there that make it seem as if TB1, TB2 and TB3 are pretty close together in terms of performance for at least the tested resolution (1080p, it's mostly a gamer oriented site after all). Not at all like what you can read elsewhere where it sounds as TB3 is the only way. Personally I think if you are not afraid of cracking open your Mac Pro you might as well look into installing a more competent CPU first - The 8-core Xeon 2667 is pretty cheap to get - well, at least in my area. And I'm generally not sure if an eGPU solution is rock solid enough (yet) to be used as a production setup. I've seen enough complaints that kinda point to the opposite.
  17. I've always gone for Wacom: Intuos 5/Pro at the moment but I've basically worked with their entire line of products going back to the late 90's. Has always worked as advertised for me. It's also the only brand I've ever encountered in the workplace. Whichever brand and model you end up choosing - the tablet will function as a general input device for your OS across all applications.
  18. That's it! I normally only use a wacom tablet with this machine. Works with a mouse.
  19. Hi, I can't seem to figure out something really simple: how to execute a macro stored in the library. I have my image open along with the library window but clicking, double-clicking or dragging a macro onto the image has no effect. Tried it with self-made ones and with some that came with the software. Only way I can apply macros seems to be to right click it in the library and choose 'Edit', then press play in the macro panel. This is on a Mac, running version 1.6.11
  20. Agreed, would be great to be able to set this as a preference.
  21. Voicing my support! TGA is very important in the game industry, not having it right there in Affinity is a bit of a hassle.
  22. Just wondering if on the Mac side the OS version requirements will remain identical with upcoming/future versions and new products like Publisher? It's really quite pleasant to be able to use Affinity products on OS versions going back to 10.7 without having to worry about conflicts. Please keep it that way if at all possible. Too many Mac programs seem awfully restricted by OS version.
  23. That's it! Setting it to Automatic does indeed solve the issue. Thanks so much Sean! Worth pointing out that the setting is set to Slowest on my Designer beta but there the issue does not surface regardless.
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