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  1. I've been trying to get my Wacom tablet to change the Brush size/hardness which can be done by holding the ALT key and holding down both mouse buttons. The advice I got was to use Alt-right +R-click on the lower button of the Wacom pen. This isn't working. Does anyone have any recommendations to get this function working?
  2. I don't understand why Affinity will not make the Clarity and Detail tools available in the Develop Persona while using the Brush Overlay. I've seen concerns about this going back as far as 2017. You REALLY need to have these enabled while working in the Develop Persona. Thanks DS
  3. I'm setting up a new Wacom tablet to use with Affinity Photo. There is a keyboard short (CTRL + ALT + LMOUSE + RMOUSE) that will let you configure brush size and hardness. Is there a way to incorporate that into my Wacom tablet? Also, is there a general guide for recommendations about setting up your tablet for AP?
  4. Is there somewhere in the user preferences where I can configure the contextual tool bar to NOT revert back to its default settings whenever I close one document and open another? I was using the Clone tool and every time I opened a new document, it had defaulted back to "Current Layer" when I would prefer a different setting.
  5. The usefulness of the feature can't be questioned...it was the brevity of the preview that was annoying. However, I was unaware of the "Shift" key as a way of keeping the preview alive. Thank you very much! DS
  6. When using the clone tool, you only get a preview for a few seconds if you stop moving the brush. Can we PLEASE get a constant preview rather than have it quickly disappear. This is so annoying when you are trying to line something up and stop to determine if the alignment is correct. Also, I've encountered occasions where the tool turns to an arrow cursor and stays that way until I click with the mouse (which causes me to make a clone edit wherever the cursor may be positioned).
  7. I too have a problem getting this software installed. It's downloaded, but when I click on the .exe file, it simply will not launch the setup. I was hoping to get away from Adobe, but this is not looking good as an investment when you can't even do a simple installation of the product. Win10, Home Version 10.0.17763.475, 64-bit, 24 GB RAM,
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