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  1. Hi DDesign, Do you have Dither Gradients enabled in the Preferences > Performance. Lee
  2. Hi Philipp G, It might be worth running your disk utility, just to ensure the OS has the disk catalogue in order, it's less of an issue on AFPS, but it can still happen. A couple of other things to try, sounds silly but, macs seem to be able to run constantly with no issue without fully shutting down. (I just checked my own and it was 46 days since a full restart!) The problem is, that over time the memory can become fragmented, especially when running heavier duty apps (like video editing/working on large images etc) So frequent full restarts can keep things running that bit smoother. Lastly it might be worth checking your available storage space, with 64gb of ram, you are going to have a very large page file, if storage free on your system drive is a bit close to the bone, you may notice degradation in performance. Lee
  3. Hi TylerJ, welcome to the forums, Would it be possible to upload this to our dropbox so we can take a look? https://www.dropbox.com/request/RgTxKe9cYeRQIjtq6ebK Lee
  4. Hi dantaylr, Thanks for reporting. We're aware of this issue and it's been logged. Lee
  5. It may be worth adding a post in the suggestion forum for additional export options for origins on SVG's. I don't know if there are ways to set origins en masse in unity (like blender's set origin to geometry, which works on multiple selections at once) but maybe that's a good workaround? The problem with assigning it as a bug is, that "fixing" it, would change behaviour for other workflows. Lee
  6. As a 3d artist I understand. I believe this to be by design, as SVG's are essentially designed for web use. In most (if not all) 2d vector design programs the origin tends to default to standard specification of SVG at the top left of the page/object and moving down and right, whereas generally 3d software defaults to the geometric centre of the item. The SVG you have is a little unusual, it looks like it was generated from a 3d app (the leftmost circle is made from lots of tri's etc), I'm assuming this is why it's origin is set at the centre. Affinity Designer has toggleable origin behaviour, so I don't believe it's exporting this with the file, and resorting to the default (top left) I'll investigate further to see if I can find a solution, in the past I've generally accepted it's a norm to have to adjust origins post export in the destination 3d application. Lee
  7. Hi JHG, welcome to the forum. Could you share your export preferences for the SVG? Does toggling "set viewbox" fix the issue? Lee
  8. Hi raphaelbolius, Absolutely, here's a link to the tutorial for features dedicated to panoramas. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/photo/desktop/video/467643362/ and working with 360° images: https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/photo/desktop/video/301190383/ Lee
  9. It won't ignore the colour of it's source, but it favours the texture, so you could, in a common use case, replace a spot on some skin, by using some smooth skin texture from another area of the face. Lee
  10. Hi Clonkel, This just means texture in the non computing sense of the word, ie the texture of a wall can be rough or smooth. Applying this means it will use more of the detail than the colour of the content. Lee
  11. Thanks, I've moved it, Would you be able to detail or give examples of the effect you are trying to achieve? There's a high chance you'll be able to achieve it without a plugin. Lee
  12. I am unable to share any current release schedules i'm afraid. Lee
  13. Hi NotMyFault, Thanks for reporting this, it's a bug we're currently aware of. Lee
  14. Hi Affinity Rat, At the moment, that's probably the best way to work destructively. This is because until you export, it's an .afphoto document, which is unreadable by Apple's Photos. Lee
  15. Hi raymondel78, welcome to the forums. Would it be possible for you to upload the file as a package (File > Save as Package) and upload it to this DropBox link. https://www.dropbox.com/request/RXErmE7Trm2wImqOCUnq Lee
  16. Hi Jay666, It's down to each plugin manufacturer to ensure compatibility with the platform it runs on. I would advise contacting their support. Lee
  17. Hi zBernie, No, the reverse is true. By converting to a compressed format you will lose/change data in the image. Lee
  18. Hi natecombsmedia, This doesn't seem to be a general issue, if you get the issue again in the future please reply with your crash report: Lee
  19. H Botenburg, Thanks for the report, this appears to affect pasting inside from external sources too. Lee
  20. Hallo PeterCs, willkommen im Forum. Könnten Sie bitte einen Blick darauf werfen, ob es Absturzprotokolle gibt, indem Sie diese Anweisungen befolgen? Lee Hi PeterCs, welcome to the forum. Could you please have a look to see of there are any crash logs by following these instructions? Lee
  21. Hi edward g, You can see the current list of supported cameras on this list: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/73699-faq-list-of-supported-raw-cameras-110x-for-desktop-lens-correction-list/ We update camera support with new versions of the software. Lee
  22. Apologies for the delay in the response on this one, I've tested this file and the export seems to appear fine on other applications (such as a browser) but the issue is visible when the SVG is reimported back into Designer. It's related to an existing bug report so i've linked this issue to add priority to the fix. Lee
  23. As far as i can tell this isn't a bug, rather interpreting currently unsupported features such as more than 2 page spreads etc. Lee
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