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  1. HumanByDesign

    Cutting Paths in AffDes

    Ok. It's in that thread now. Thx.
  2. HumanByDesign

    Boolean Bug?

    Ok, here is a save of the crazy booleans before using the Divide feature. It's ready to go. Just select all the triangles and Divide. Try it out and see what happens. On my end when I try it, 50% of the time it gets mangled. The other 50% it seems to work. CrazyBooleans.afdesign
  3. HumanByDesign

    Cutting Paths in AffDes

    I've found that when using the "Divide" option for creating compound paths, it is inconsistant in results. I've tried this many times and get about a 50/50 chance of getting it right. Sometimes it works. See attached One shows where the cuts should appear at intersections, the other is the result, which speaks for itself. Is this a bug, or have I missed something about using the pathfindesque tools?
  4. Bought AffDes and AffPho the other day. Excellent! Super happy with them. Would love to see a Rotation tool in a future release (sooner than later). Trying to create complex, symmetrical shapes without it and the adjustable rotation point is ULTRA FRUSTRATING. Also, negative angle numbers in the transform tool box would be nice.