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  1. Thank you. Very handy for learning Affinity Designer.
  2. Thank you CartoonMike! I am a hobbyist who had only rudimentary skills (some Illustrator, mostly GIMP) when I discovered Affinity Designer. With thanks to the Affinity Designer team, and the very generous contributors such as yourself I am now nearing competence doing much better. Enjoying it very much.
  3. I very much like this one. The style and colors draw one in. Very nice.
  4. http://www.cgtextures.com/ I have used this resource for years. They have a large, easily searchable catalog. I have never failed to find something I can use for a background, overlay, texture etc. With a free membership you get a much larger download limit. I find that I have never bumped my limit. Of course, with paid membership one gets an amazing download limit.
  5. Thank you Tony. After reading your note I checked again but it shows that both Zoom to Selection and Zoom to Fit appear to have the same hot keys: ⌘-0. However, I tried the Shift ⌘-0 combination and it does zoom to the selection. This is all on my Mac Pro (newest model) and it just didn't make sense. I moved to my iMac and fired up Affinity and to my amazement the Zoom to Selection as Shift ⌘-0 appears in that View Menu. I am stumped as to why Zoom to Selection and Zoom to Fit both appear as ⌘-0 on the Mac Pro but are different on the iMac. Both machines are running Mavericks 10.9.5 and the latest Affinity app. I can only assume that there is a screen resolution difference that is horizontally compressing the View menu on the Mac Pro. The bottom line is that now that I know the hot keys for Zoom to Selection this is a non-issue for me. Thank you for your help.
  6. Is this a bug? While in the view menu clicking Zoom to Selection does exactly that. However, if I use the key-strokes for Zoom to Selection ⌘-0 (command-zero, as shown in the menu) it assumes that I want Zoom to Fit (which seems to share the same hot keys, ⌘-0). All other key combinations (as shown in the View menu) appear to work. Has this already been addressed? Am I not understanding how it should work?
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