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  1. Can we get an update for the brushes panel? The selection is gone after changing size of the brush or tool! I don't think this is too complicated to implement, please consider it
  2. Any plans to remember the selected brush after changing size/tool? Please. Thanks.
  3. I can't believe I just posted this same suggestions... Brush label names and keep the brush selection... among other suggestions... and your post it's from 2019! I hope devs see this, because there are a lot of digital art users that need a decent painting workflow. You can't even paint if you don't know which brush is already selected!
  4. This. I really like the hold-CTRL function to erase. It's a must for me, and it doesn't exist in any other painting program I tested before. But it's limited to the pixel brush, I hope they update this to make it possible to use it with the Brush tool (not only the Pixel tool)
  5. This! I mentioned this problem before. It's almost impossible to work in digital art if you can't see which brush is alreadt selected! Come on! See my recent post if you want, I quote this as well:
  6. Second this, we need an option to show/hide brushes labels. Tooltip is not a solution, it slows your workflow. You may find my recent post interesting, with some features suggestions for brushes.
  7. It should be an option. These simple decisions must be implemented as configurable options within the app settings, so everyone could be happy. I hope they consider this. Thanks for replying
  8. Thanks for the reply. I wish I could have an option to restore the old design. Adjustments panel is one of the Affinity Photo best features, but it doesn't make sense clicking twice instead of once. It's a worser workflow.
  9. I'm still trying to set Affinity to my go-to app for digital art, but some essential things are pulling me back, making me go back to Krita or Paintstorm Studio: - A single hotkey to toggle show/hide layer (it's dumb to have 2 different keys for doing this) - A single hotkey to toggle lock/unlock layer (same as before, a single key instead of 2!) - A single hotkey to toggle group/ungroup (again, if some element is alone, press to group. If it's grouped, then press again to ungroup) - Define custom hotkeys for brushes (so we can change the selected brush on the fly, this is a must. An example for this is changing between different brush sizes) - Hotkey for toggle brush lock alpha option - I don't want to make another post for this, but, it's SO annoying that the brush selection highlight is gone after changing the size or switching tools... Idk if this is a bug, but this need to be addressed as soon as possible I think. I believe it's a bug or a missing feature, but please solve this. - Brushes panel doesn't even have labels for the brushes (besides the tooltip when mouse hover, but this is unconfortable). That's all for now. These changes will make Affinity A LOT better for digital artists, it will definitely improve the workflow. Thanks and forgive if any mistakes, english isn't my first language.
  10. Hi, first post here. In 1.8 versions when you click an adjustment it pops up a window with default settings, so you can start tweaking things around. I'm used to that. But in 1.9, when you click in the desired adjustment it doesn't open any window, and you have to make another click to select a preset. It's unconfortable and I find it a bad design, it slows down your workflow without need. Can someone explain further if this is a bug or a behaviour change? It's so annoying having to make two clicks instead of a single one. By the way, I find it annoying that there's no auto-close option to avoid many adjustments to be opened at the same time... please change it to open no more than 3 adjustments presets or so. Forgive my english and if the category or format is wrong.
  11. Just updated Designer and Photo to 1.9, but the performance is so bad... I have the same problem, the performance of both updates is terrible, at least for me. Stuttering, lag when changing brush category and selecting brushes, it's unusable. (NUC8 i3 with Windows 20H2)
  12. Hi! I'm new in the forum. I have a problem with Affinity Photo on Windows (last stable release): after selecting a brush and using it, the selection highlight is gone, so I no longer know which brush I was using. It's impossible to work this way. Will this be fixed in 1.9? I can't use Photo for digital art because this problem. Thanks! (and forgive my english)
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