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    brunoczech got a reaction from saitarion in 100% image viewers support by using .af.png file format   
    Hi guys,
    To be honest I do not understand most of the stuff you're talking about.
    But it seems strange to me that larger preview / quick view of Affinity files would have to add much to the file size.
    Check these two screenshots - afpub file has 5.5 MB and only this tiny preview where you cannot recognize anything. While the exported PDF from the same file has 570 KB and preview nearly for the full screen.
    So I still don't get why Affinity files do not allow for these kind of previews.

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    brunoczech reacted to saitarion in Larger previews in Finder?   
    Just purchased a license as an alternative to the expensive competition. Everything works brilliantly, except for this. Very annoying not having a proper preview.
    When previewing a large document (dimensions) I'm unable to see any details and cannot compare similar files.
    Would be great to have an option to 'save preview as pdf' in a future update.
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    brunoczech got a reaction from CLC in Escape key to get back from Transform panel   
    OK, so this is driving me crazy as hell.
    I use transform panel all the time. And I would expect that when I press Escape key I will return to the workspace. 
    But no - the cursor stays in the field of Transform panel and I have to either click inside the working space to get away. Too cumbersome and strange behaviour. 
    For example I need to change the size of an object - I go to Transform Panel, change the size and then I want to move the object around using keyboard. So after pressing Escape I should be able to go on, but the cursor is still within the transform panel and when I click on keyboard arrows to move the object, its size changes instead...
    I'm not sure if I'm explaining it right, I hope so.
    Maybe I can set up this Escape shortcut - but I don't know where exactly...
    If you can help I will much appreciate it. Thank you.
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    brunoczech reacted to Callum in Escape key to get back from Transform panel   
    Hi Brunoczech,
    Welcome to the forums
    There is no way to set this as a custom shortcut I'm afraid. However this would make a good addition to the app so I will move this to the feature requests section.
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    brunoczech reacted to muelli75 in "ESC" for aborting crop, mesh-transformation, etc ...   
    Its mandatory (for me) to have a quick escape from many functions.
    So in PS its possible to hit "escape" on the keyboard and the actual transformation/funtion is gone.
    But not so in affinity photo. :-(
    Edit: Its built in Filter/Distort/Perspective (translated from the german version), but its not in some other essentials like the named crop-function, mesh-transformation.
    Please build this nice little feature in all/most functions for the next release. Thank you!
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    brunoczech reacted to mfarooqi in Press Esc key to cancel any command   
    Hello Sir,  Once again i'm sorry if somebody has requested for this feature or reported this bug...  but this is too important and annoying. 
    The use of "Esc" key in very proper way... 
    The default use of "Esc" is "don't apply these changes and close this opened command."
    suppose I've opened an image, and pressed "command+m" it will open Curve Adjustment, now there is no use of "Esc" you have to manually press "close" button.. but even if i pressed close button, or clicked outside that Curves Adjustment applies.. I've to manually select that layer and delete it. and the delete button on "Curves" dialogue box is un-necessary. 

    Secondly, if I pressed command+t it will load a big box of text, and no esc works on it and one has to close that box manually. too annoying.. "BTW try Laptops and see how difficult it becomes to move full arm from keyboard to touchpad so repeatedly. 

    Similarly , if I used erase brush or any color brush, it pixelate image without letting me know if I really want this to happen or not. This should first ask "If i really want to pixelate it or not" And if I press "Esc" it shouldn't pixelate the image so I could do that manually (after making a backup layer). Because there is no "smart" object option in AP, so once image is "not pixelated" it is already smart object and can be scaled up or down, but once it is pixelated, all information is lost and that can't be scaled up anymore. So there should be a "confirmation" dialogue instead of "you are already killed" dialogue.

    And there, where escape shouldn't close the box, it is totally ruining the system.   in system preferences, if I accidentally changed anything.. the press of "Esc" not only applies that, but also closes that ..
    OMG.. what change did I do?..

     Please make "Esc" to just go to Preferences's home view and remove the "close" button and change that  to "save/apply". And "close" button here and "x" button on the top are same. if some change is made, the "esc" shouldn't apply that but go to Preferences's home view.  
    This all goes to.. "MESH TOOL",  "Transform", "etc" ...  "Enter/Return" to "apply" and "Esc to Cancel"
    I hope these changes will put some ease in life.. 
    Thank you
    MacOS Catalina - 10.15 (19A602)
    Affinity Photo 1.7.3
    Macbook Pro -mid 15, 15inch.
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    brunoczech reacted to garrettm30 in Cursor behaviour Irritation   
    I come from a different background (InDesign), and I can relate. When you are currently editing text in a text frame, pressing escape one time exits the text frame but still has it selected, then a second escape deselects the text frame, but all the while the text tool is still active. I do not understand why the text frame is still selected after the first escape if it is not also going to change to the move tool, which is the natural way to interact with a frame as an object. To get back to the move tool, I have to escape at least once and then click the move tool or type V (which I find dangerous because sometimes I insert a V as text if in the speed of a busy day I am not careful enough). A quick single or even double tap to the escape key is better in my view.
    In this respect I prefer InDesign where a single escape changes to the move tool. I like the safety of using escape to exit out of text typing mode to return to shortcut mode. Better still, this would be my preference:
    Tap escape once to exit text editing and (unlike Publisher) change to the move tool. Tap escape a second time to deselect the text frame (unlike InDesign, which does nothing after a second escape). Either way, it is easy to get back into a text frame in text mode by double clicking on it, which in that case is true of both InDesign and Publisher.
    I don’t know if people’s opinions on this are fairly unified or whether it is a matter for personal taste. If it is the latter, I think a preference item is in order, as this is such a basic and frequent task that it would be nice to let us work in the way that makes most sense.
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    brunoczech got a reaction from Peejee in Command + E shortcut for Export   
    InDesign has a simple keyboard shortcut for Export: Cmd + E.
    I still don't understand why did you have to use what is probably the worst shortcut ever - Shift + Alt + Command + S.
    Only Photoshop uses this shortcut I believe and only for the Save for Web command.
    But Command + E would be just brilliant for Export, don't you think? And everybody would understand it. Everybody could even guess it right away. And - this shortcut isn't assigned to anything in Publisher right now! And it would be really good to have this same shortcut for Export in all of your programs - Publisher, Designer and Photo.
    Thank you.
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    brunoczech got a reaction from Pšenda in Command + E shortcut for Export   
    I was going to post this question actually on Publisher feedback and accidentaly dropped it here, too.
    I did not know about the shortcuts options in preferences - well, I did but didn't see the options for Export at first.
    My bad - thank you for help, you've made my day!
    As of now it seems perfect for me - having Cmd + E shortcut for Export as I do not need it for anything else. Howeve this might change in the future, depending on my needs.
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    brunoczech reacted to ChristiduToit in Full-size Apple 'Quick Look'   
    When using Quick Look (hitting spacebar) to preview files on Apple iMacs or MacBooks it would be handy to be able to preview the full size images as you would with any other image file (or Photoshop file, for instance).

    Sometimes I have near identical client files with very minor differences, and I can't always see them clearly with Affinity files as the Quick Look preview is very small and distorts/pixelates if I try to resize the preview window. 
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    brunoczech got a reaction from woefi in Larger previews in Finder?   
    Hello Affinity people!
    Is there a chance we could see larger file previews in Finder / Path Finder? As of this moment all Affinity files' previews are tiny compared to PDF, JPG and all the other types of files, for that matter.
    Talking about Spacebar previews.
    Please check screenshots.
    Thanks in advance!

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    brunoczech reacted to jackamus in Guides   
    It would seem that starting this 'Guides' thread that I may have opened a can of worms for the developers!
    There have been many suggestions about improving the versatility/usability of the current guide feature. I have basically copied and pasted all the suggestions into this one combined suggestion.
    From jackamus
    It would be useful to be able to set some locked guides (a different colour perhaps) whilst being able to use movable guides as well. Attached is a  file for having 4 different types of guide lines Guid lines.afdesign
    The colour of the guides would be a default colour as well as a a user choice.
    One of the suggestions I made some time ago was to be able to see an objects handles/nodes when moving a guide. I'm still waiting for that one.

    From Aammppaa
    The colour coding might be nice. 
    A Guide layer.
    Allow the user to export / print with guides visible.

    Form CLCI
    I also got a suggestion for guides. When you use Guide Manager and click the guide's coordinates, be it horizontal or vertical one, the guide itself should get highligted (maybe change color) so you know what guide you're working with.
    Also, multiple guide selection in Guides Manager pane would be huge improvement.

    From Nicky G
    I also find the use of this panel for guides to be nice, but uncomfortable.
    1. As you say you should highlight the guide in focus with different color
    2. selection and movement of several guides (as if they were grouped)
    3. Creating Guides rotated at user-defined angles
    4. creation of vector shapes (any form) in guide, as happens in Ai.
    5. possibility to open the guide panel by double clicking on the guide itself. (it would avoid the GUIDE DISPLAY / MANAGEMENT step)
    6. Possibility of selecting and direct highlighting of the guide on the drawing table and moving the guide ALSO through the XY axes inside the panel visible on the screen Transform.
    It would speed up the numerical displacement of a guide (as happens in Ai). I
    In my opinion it would also be useful, by pressing at the same time as dragging the guides, for example CTRL, to activate a SNAP of the guide on the numerical notches of the ruler,
    1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7- 8 mm.
    And depending on the Zoom, it is possible to hook the guides to intermediate sizes 0.5mm - 1mm - 1.5mm - 2mm - 2.5mm ....
    Higher zoom even with 1/10 mm notches etc ...
    1.1mm - 1.2 - 1.3 ....
    Dragging without the CTRL key the operation remains the same as now.
    From catlover My only remaining beefs about the guides are these two:
    1. they should extend all the way to the rulers
    2. the user should be able to choose the color
    Other than that, the devs did a cracking job with the guides.      
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    brunoczech reacted to AndyQ in Guides   
    I'd like to get the guides display out of the rulers....I've got so many guidelines I can't see the goddamn ruler markings. At least make it an option if other people find that useful. 
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    brunoczech reacted to ashf in Selecting nodes by area(dragging)   
    As I said, "without selecting objects first" like Illustrator
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    brunoczech reacted to ashf in Selecting nodes by area(dragging)   
    I understand what you say, but may be because I'm used to Illustrator.
    Also it will reduce a step so it's often quicker than Affinity way.
    Maybe a key modifier to trigger this would be good I think.(like holding Cmd/Ctrl key)
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    brunoczech reacted to ashf in Selecting nodes by area(dragging)   
    Also would be nice if I could select nodes without selecting object first.
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    brunoczech reacted to Ben in Guides experience   
    Big improvements to guides will be coming soon.

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