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  1. Yeah, cryptomatte in Photo would be really awesome. Since it already supports OpenEXR Multilayer, this would be the missing feature for 3D Post. I can build some kind of own cryptomatte with Material IDs in Blender, but thats cumbersome. Cryptomatte would make my life so much easier.
  2. I have 249 fonts installed. I don't know how different font styles are considered in that regard. But i actually installed only 13 fonts myself. The rest are system defaults. So... i don't think thats the problem there. I mentioned the permissions thing in this thread already. Is there a log file anywhere i can send over? Maybe i will try to run Designer and Photo from the terminal and maybe that will give me some insights.
  3. Hey, thanks for the responds. The permission error isn't related to the location of the data, at least in my case. It doesn't matter where i save or from where i open files. Local disk(internal drive, no cloud folder), external drives, samba shares, cloud storage(i.e. Dropbox etc). I already repaired permissions according to an apple support document linked somewhere in this forum. The only thing that helps is closing and reopening Designer or Photo, then i can save and open files from locations which where denied before. I will provide as much information as possible. Just tell me what to do. Regarding the other bugs, i hope the next update isn't far away. Any deadlines you can share? Cheers
  4. Hey, i don't want to start a rant, because i love Affinity and all it's products so far. But i have gotten to this point where i just cannot rely on Designer and Photo anymore. I'm on a Macbook Pro 2017 running High Sierra with the latest updates. Both, Designer and Photo are crashing on a daily, often hourly basis at this point. Also i still get this weird permissions error message although i already moved all my data to an external drive with no cloud running or whatever. I lose data on a regular basis because of unexpected behavior like this and its not funny anymore. I don't know why, but a year ago everything was peachy and because of that i moved on from Adobe. But i need a reliable peace of software so i can work. There hasn't been an update in months adressing some of the more persistent bugs, at least in my case. Maybe you should move to subscription so you don't have to hold back all the good stuff for a big release. At least give us some bugfixes. I don't want to go back to adobe especially with Publisher on the horizont. Peace, still love you guys.
  5. I use almost every Cloud Service there is right now, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive. But it also didn't work on a non cloud directory or an external ssd. That was my first guess also. It happened with completely new created files trying to be safed on local directories with no cloud interference whatsoever.
  6. Hey, i searched the forum but wasn't able to find a bug report to this issue. Since recently i have the issue that i sometimes cannot save any kind of file or document from Designer and Photo. No .afdesign or PNG, PDF, anything. I have to restart the app to make it work again. First i thought it has something to do with the switch between work and home since i'm using a macbook. But it happened also while i was at work. This is really annoying sometimes. Because i actually lose work. Sometimes whole documents because they cannot be saved or exported in any way. I have a Macbook Pro 15inch 2017 with High Sierra 10.13.5 and the latest Designer and Photo Updates. My current workaround is to restart both apps on a regular basis and i also can copy and paste document contents from designer to photo and vice versa, restart one app and copy and paste it back and save. Not ideal.
  7. Strandbummler

    Display problems on second screen

    Hey, i had the same issue and i fixed it by switching to Metal for Display Rendering. You find it under Setting / Performance / Display. I had OpenGL selected previously. So, maybe this helps.
  8. I just stumbled upon this. I don't really understand the decisionmaking process which shortcuts should be costumizable and which ones not. I hope i don't sound ungrateful. I just wanna know :) Maybe you could put it into the Layer-Menu in the Menubar, easy as pie, ini't?
  9. Hello, I am a heavy sketch user and i really like the keyboard centric approach they've taken there. Especially the small things like editing textfields with just pressing enter. Right now in Affinity Designer(and Photo) i have to click a textfield, and then double click it or in even not so few cases, i have to select the texttool first so i can click into the textfield to be able to edit the text there. It would be nice if i could just press ENTER and the text inside the textfield gets selected and i can edit away. A small request with quite a big impact i think. Appreciate your work so far, keep it up. Kind regards, Martin
  10. Strandbummler

    Affinity Photo crashes on opening TIF

  11. Hey, i created a panorama with Hugin(2014). I exported it as PNG and it opened in Photo just fine. But the dynamic range was poor. So i exported a TIF. HDR or not, LZW compressed or not, everytime i open the file in Photo, it crashes. Filesize is around 400MB and opens just fine in Photoshop. I attached a download to said file, maybe you can figure something out? https://db.tt/R6gpzTuQ Thank you for your consideration :)
  12. GIVE IT TO ME, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY, I NEED THIS NOW, I AM GOING CRAZY, I NEED ARTBOARDS, THIS IS AWESOME I CAN'T TAKE IT. To the point: is this going beta soon? I guess Artboards are related to Affinity Publisher and Multipage Layouts of some sort? Amarite? I am desperate... this is THE feature i want :D Sry for my rant, back to business.
  13. Strandbummler

    Dashed Lines Problem

    Nah, it's not about a watchface, that was just a poor example to explain my problem. Nevertheless, thanks for the input, gonna check that out!
  14. Strandbummler

    Dashed Lines Problem

    Yes, figured that out the second i posted this question :D Thanks anyway :)
  15. Strandbummler

    Dashed Lines Problem

    Ah, i kinda found out, i had to put fractional digits in there (0,1). Then it works. BUT, round parts look a little goofy. Not so much what i want...

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