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  1. Hi Bruno, I have only just started messing around with Affinity Designer, but I am very much planning on bouncing b/w Rhino and designer. I haven't had that problem with PDF, but what I can say is that you may want to either join your curves, or better yet do a curveboolean in Rhino before you save to PDF. That way you should have closed curves that are not just a bunch of segments.
  2. I have been messing around with some tests between Affinity and Rhino, and I believe I have a solution if you are using Rhino6 or Rhino7WIP. To get curves from Affinity into rhino, simply save as PDF and import the PDF into an open Rhino file. Preserve model units, or just scale it what you need it to be in Rhino. To get curves from Rhino into Affinity, simply go to Print and for the printer, select print to Adobe PDF. You have some options in the View/ Output and Scale , so be sure you are saving the correct view and curves. PDF has worked for me so far both ways. Saving file from Rhino as an .AI file is empty when opened in Affinity Designer. Saving an EPS from Affinity also has not worked when imported into Rhino. But, I am glad to see that the PDF does work to carry the vector info back and forth between Affinity Designer and Rhino. I think I can cut the Adobe cord for now.
  3. Hi, Similarly I am looking for workflow options between Affinity Designer and Rhino. Also, in that vein, has anyone found ways of working with Anfinity Designer for output to laser-cutting, or CNC machining? ai, DWG and DXF are my go to formats to output vector to lasercutter or CAM software, all of which I can do from Rhino and Illustrator. I would love more than anything to leave illustrator behind forever. I will be buying your product, but if you can implement DXF output, it would be a game changer for CNC people who are stuck with Illustrator for the few things it does better than Rhino.
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