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  1. Markus Allen

    Alarm clock on iPad AD logo?

    Interesting. Thanks for the link. This is probably Apple's least useful function ever.
  2. Some days, I open my iPad Pro and see an alarm-clock icon within the Affinity Designer icon. Any ideas what this is all about?
  3. Markus Allen

    Import (Add?) gradient palette

    I do not use Dropbox. I use iCloud or Google Files.
  4. Markus Allen

    Import (Add?) gradient palette

    I am waiting a bit to update to ios 12. I was a beta tester and there are still some nagging issues I am waiting to be worked out. Discussion about it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/iOSBeta/
  5. Markus Allen

    Import (Add?) gradient palette

    Yes, I see what you mean. Not working on my end now either. I wonder if this is causing some sort of issues and Affinity killed it for now.
  6. Markus Allen

    Copy/paste crash

    Cool. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Markus Allen

    Copy/paste crash

    I appreciate you taking the time to do this... However: I found the problem. The cloned stars is the problem. I tried copying and pasting each element. They all worked. But when I copied the stars... bang... crash. And yes, I used the "Symbol" option.
  8. Markus Allen

    Copy/paste crash

    I have 2 files attached... When I go to copy everything from the flag file and paste it into my logo file, the app crashes. Is this a bug? flag-modern.afdesign KTL-logo.afdesign
  9. I appreciate you, toltec for helping me out with this. About designing it the right size in the first place... I was never taught to design a logo bigger than its final size. Is this common knowledge (if so, I feel stupid).
  10. Thanks for this reply. My entire logo is vector based. In any graphic's program I have used, I have never had to increase the dimensions to get a higher resolution - I would just click the export as .png and it would look great. Are we sure this is not a bug in the software?
  11. Bump for attention... Any ideas on this: can you suggest what export settings I use to produce a cleaner export?
  12. I do not remember, DWright: With that said, can you suggest what export settings I use to produce a cleaner export?
  13. Posted below are 2 cropped images: The first image is a high-quality screen grab (.jpeg) directly from Affinity Designer. The second image is lower-quality .png exported from the same Affinity Designer file. See how it is lower in resolution and does not look sharp? Is there a way to have my exported .png file show up at a higher resolution?
  14. Markus Allen

    Import (Add?) gradient palette

    I hope this feature is added soon. I would like to import from this: https://dscape-llc.com/blog/affinity-resources-page By the way: weirdly, we can import styles, but we cannot import gradients.
  15. Markus Allen

    Can you help me reset the fx values?

    Hmmm. Weird. Sometimes it automatically resets, sometimes not. I will look for this and report back. I appreciate your help on this.