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  1. Andreus

    Transparancy not saved!

    I caught a bug! If image size was changed transparancy is not being saved
  2. Andreus

    How to convert text in curves?

    Ok thanks!
  3. Hello! Cannot find option to convert text in curves? How I can do it? Thx!
  4. Andreus

    Dublicate document

    Thanks! I discover it after update
  5. Please make feature save personal document size settings And remember last size document properties Thanks! Soft is awesome!
  6. Please make function dublicate document on first screen!
  7. Andreus


    I start new document from image, make the mirror and try export and have a crash and so three time
  8. Andreus

    Transparancy not saved!

    Thanks! I see in usual Photos. When I save image after work, image saved with transparency. Then I crop canvas and save same image. Image had white background. And if I import this image in another app, also white background present! If I import this image in Affinity - ok - background transparent.
  9. Hello! When I save transparancy image in my gallery in png24 format, Image is saved with a white background although the background in the settings is disabled!
  10. Ok thanks! I try and I can :-)
  11. Unable place image from gallery!
  12. I select an image in the gallery and nothing happens!

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