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    Hedcut effect in Affinity Photo?

    I HIGHLY recommend watching this video tutorial... the learning curve is a bit steep (because the new version of Affinity Designer is a bit different), but worth it. That tip about using the polygon tool along with the smart selection is AWESOME!
  2. Can we do something like this in Affinity Photo: https://www.deke.com/content/creating-a-faux-hedcut-in-photoshop
  3. Markus Allen

    Hedcut effect in Affinity Photo?

    Never mind... I found something helpful here:
  4. Markus Allen

    Hedcut effect in Affinity Photo?

  5. I would love to see a future Affinity Designer that would remember the canvas size when exporting (a .png for example). Sometimes, the export size is twice... sometimes 400% bigger than my canvas size. (It is weird - there is no pattern to this). Right now, I have to back out of the export to see what my canvas size is... then hit the export option and manually input the width. Even better: Let me select an object, and when I export it as a .png (or similar format), Affinity would automatically size is right (instead of setting the export size to the entire canvas size).
  6. Markus Allen

    Fill a rectangle with a color?

    Bingo. That is correct. Thanks for pointing this out to me. I choose the wrong tool for the job. Update: Could this be the reason for the confusion?
  7. I have the latest update... And when I select a rectangle and choose a fill or stroke color, nothing happens. Anyone else see this?
  8. Markus Allen

    Fill a rectangle with a color?

    Here is my screen recording - see how the color does not change? 5C9E9D6D-D385-43DC-97C1-FC820BB75383.MP4
  9. Markus Allen

    Fill a rectangle with a color?

    Wow. I was almost afraid to post my bug here. I thought I was just being an idiot.
  10. Markus Allen

    Pivoting the pen tool on the iPad?

    Thank you for this.
  11. I am tracing over artwork I am developing for my own typeface. And some symbols require a "pivot"... like this symbol: @ At the bottom-right of the lowercase-looking letter "a", the circle "pivots". Is there a short to pivot when tracing these symbols with the pen tool?
  12. Markus Allen

    Pivoting the pen tool on the iPad?

  13. Yes, I see the node tools... but I have no idea on which one to use - tried them all without any luck.
  14. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to do the same on my iPad?
  15. Markus Allen

    Can I select an item and export it?

    Thank you for this!
  16. I am designing a font. Instead of creating a new document for each letter, I would like to design it once on a single "canvas". Now: My font software requires one .svg at a time... one for each letter. Question: can I select a letter and only export that one letter from Designer? If so, can you point me in the right direction?
  17. Markus Allen

    IPad Pro 2018 and 2nd gen apple pencil

    Thank you SO much for this. This worked 100%! No one could help me in the past on this. These settings should be default.
  18. Whenever I use the move tool (with my finger or Apple Pencil), I accidentally stretch my images. Is there a better way to select an image and move it without stretching it?
  19. Markus Allen

    Is there a better way to use the move tool?

    I hope an update makes this easier. Honestly, it is a bit frustrating. I wind up using the "Transform Studio" to make a simple move. To stretch or rotate, I should have my finger (or pencil) on or near the handles. Everywhere else on the screen should help me move my graphic - thus the apt name "move tool". With that said, still lovin' Affinity Designer on my iPad!
  20. I have VERY inconsistent importing with .svg using Affinity Designer for the iPad. Sometimes it works, sometimes it shows up as a text file... even with the .svg file extension.
  21. Markus Allen

    iPad as well?

    Earlier this summer, I moved my entire content-creation "empire" from my MacBook Pro to my iPad Pro 12.9" (with Apple Pencil and Bluetooth keyboard). It was the best move ever. I make YouTube videos on the fly - videos shot using FilmicPro... videos edited in Luma Fusion... thumbnails shot with Halide... voiceover recording in Ferrite Recoding Studio... popup graphics using Affinity Designer... video script created on SimpleMind (mind mapping app). My "toy" makes me a full-time income. I have been waiting for this moment for a LONG LONG time. And later this year, I will install a NAS file drive into my home router/internet connection - allowing me to backup/sync files from anywhere in the world. For when I am not online, I will use Western Digital's Wifi external storage. The only complaint I have about the iPad Pro is copy/paste. I do wish Apple would fix that problem. It is still dicey. This setup I have is FAR cheaper (and better) than any laptop/desktop alternative. So this is not an expensive toy for me. I remain in awe of how amazing my iPad Pro setup is. My dream has come true.
  22. I am a user of both Affinity products and Luma Fusion (video editing on iPad). And at the Luma forum, I saw this post that Affinity is not compatible with Luma Fusion when trying to multitask: https://forums.luma-touch.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=7112#p21835 Is this a bug? Or might this be a feature in a future release?
  23. Markus Allen

    iOS multitasking (bug?)

    Anyone from Affinity know this answer?
  24. Markus Allen

    iOS multitasking (bug?)

    Curious: Is creating a split/side-by-side view app feature hard to pull off... too memory intensive... something else? Is there a reason apps choose not to offer multitasking?
  25. Some days, I open my iPad Pro and see an alarm-clock icon within the Affinity Designer icon. Any ideas what this is all about?

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