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  1. Thank you. It took me some wild scrolling but I found it, thanks to you. For others, it is there
  2. I am looking everywhere, but I cannot find that information anywhere. What has changed between the versions, what was improved? Is there any place with that information? Thank you.
  3. In continuation of my previous benchmarks (see below) I add a new one with sandboxed (still damn MSIX) v203.
  4. I have an older version still on disk. Tried to run the benchmark on both versions. I attach the result. EDIT: I ran unsandboxed benchmark, and the results are attached below, EDIT2: I cannot add a reply, there is some silly limit on post number, so I have to edit this post again. Below you can find the results of a "sandboxed" benchmark on another computer with Ryzen 3100 + 32 GB of 2133 MHz memory + nVidia 1080ti
  5. That really grinds my gear everytime I see this. Why do we have all those cores when programmers do not even use them? Such a waste.
  6. Turns out I had the latest BIOS version. But I made sure the windows is updated, updated latest Studio drivers, restarted Windows and ran the test on fresh system. The results are more or less the same. 458 / 4042 / 654 / 10877 / N-A / 841 / 6088 / N-A
  7. I will try to update BIOS (several versions behind), restart, and try the benchmark again.
  8. There is an interesting bit of info on workaround for now. Though I have not tested it yet. EDIT: tried this, not working in Cinema 4D, so no dice. I am then waiting for a proper implementation of OCIO v2
  9. Thank you! I will try it. I see there was even an update 6 hours ago I will also post this info into another thread about v2.
  10. Yes, v2 is a mixed bag for now. I am waiting for an update that could fix many things.
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