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    Hi All, I am Dave, from the hills of WV. I am an indy software / game developer, mostly focused on games lately. Also, I have a long background in CG, 2D and 3D, and everything that goes with it, since the early 90's professionally. My first taste of CAD design was autocad, and I have used many tools over the years. In terms of software in the same category as Affinity Designer and Photo, I used Corel early, before switching to Adobe for many years, and when Adobe switched to subscription model, which I was never a fan of, I went searching and found Xara, which has been a good friend for many years now. Unfortunately they went subscription as well, and also in recent years, their development focus and direction has gone a different direction than my needs. While they are adding a lot of features to simplify certain tasks for home users making websites, photo retouching, etc, they have mostly ignored the core drawing and design tools it has seemed to me. Recently I stumbled on the Affinity site, grabbed demos for Designer and Photo, and I am very impressed. I like the no nonsense clean and clutter free ui. More than anything, the smooth pen tools impressed me. Really, it is so smooth and natural to use, it is the best I have ever tried. So, my Xara subscription is due to expire, and I saw the sale here, and decided to take the plunge and go with Affinity instead. Last night I completed my first task in my actual development workflow, and after a few extra minutes of learning to think Affinity instead of Xara, the job went great, and I am thrilled with my decision to switch. The only thing I found missing, and missed having, was the very easy vector feather tool in Xara, but I did come up with an alternate method which gave identical, and perhaps even better results with more control, and only a few extra clicks to get there. If anyone else coming from Xaraland is interested, I will post a brief tutorial showing how I did it. Anyway, thanks for the sale, for Affinity, and I am now looking forward to the coming publisher which I will certainly be buying when it is ready to round out my toolset. Best Regards, Dave