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  1. Layers and Symbols are the most problematic, the latest was the start up page wouldn't close. I went from Designer to this forum to ask about it and it came along for the ride. Very annoying. Screen shot taken with forum behind.
  2. Hello all, I am fairly new to Affinity Designer (& Photo) and must admit I don't use shortcuts. 🤭 (I do marvel at you designers and how you remember all the shortcuts.) Having said that, I Really could use a short cut to open Studio and I don't see one. I have checked preferences and thought I could make my own but I don't see a way to do that either. Why is there a shortcut for everything else but the one thing that I need? Am I missing something? If there is not a shortcut or a way to set one up can I add it to the request list please. Thanks for your help.
  3. I Getting very strange issues with the stock photos in Designer Latest 1.9.3 on an iMac - 1) I do a search and some images appear and then everything disappears. It is very Unstable. I then have to open up Stock again and do the search again. Designer also crashed 1x during this. 2) I did a search for Sewing machines and I got bicycles.... 3) In Pixabay I did a search for dress forms and found one I liked, it did not open. I got the name of the file but it wouldn't open (This has been happening for quite awhile and I believe it has something to do with how the images saved. Can Serif please contact Pixabay and kindly request that Pixabay ask their contributors to save in a format that can be used by Affinity.) After all Serif is promoting Pixabay yet some of Pixabays images won't work with Serif.
  4. Hi, I am running Affinity Designer V 1.9.3 on my iMac desktop and some of the side panels will not close. For example Once in the program I go to File > Place .... and some of the side panels do not close and come along for the ride and are in the way when I'm searching for the item I want to place. Also when closing out the program, it will close but 3 side panels remain for a while on my desktop just hanging there..... This has been happening for a few weeks now. How do I fix it ? Many Thanks in advance
  5. My request is for something very similar to Adobe's Textile Designer. https://www.adobe.com/uk/products/textiledesigner.html It would be great if Serif recognised that textile designers also use their programs other than just graphic designers, game designers and photographers. Why has there never been a survey by Serif to ask your customers how they actually use their programs and for what industry.... ?
  6. Also I have found that a majority of Pixabys vectors do not work. I have tried several and they just don't show up. I believe I saw on another thread that it's the way the artist upload the design, as a lot are designed in AI but apparently there is a way to save so that Affinity can read them too. Affinity developers need to contact Pixabay to let all of their artists know how best to save the artwork. Affinity advertises this feature and it is somewhat limited. I am Very frustrated as I spent most of the day trying to use some of the vectors and very few worked.
  7. Even Heart Icon would help to identify a favourite brush or different colour dots a person can add to the brush example would help. Like in Apple Mail.
  8. I agree with Alejandro. I too have All the Serif Legacy programs all the way back to X2..... I would love to be able to use the brushes and assets in these programs. Has anyone come up with a way to transfer the assets from the older Serif programs that are not currently loaded? Is it possible from the Serif website (with proof of purchase) just to extract these files? And also the brushes for the current X8 and previous legacy programs. These Earlier programs had some better items available than the current, all singing, all dancing Affinity Programmes. One would think that the newer programs would be better but in some instances this is not the case. Please, please if anyone knows how to move the brushes over to work in Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo please post here.. Many Thanks
  9. I started using Serif programs when they first started. Many, Many Years ago their Page Plus had HTML code and was used for web design, even back then. My main computing went over to Mac in 2001 but I had to buy a PC just to run my WebPlus website. (Webplus is probably my Favourite all time programme.) I too would like to see Serif do HTML as my website on WebPus x8, is starting to have issues. The more I use and learn on the New Affinity programmes (Designer & Photo) which I think are very good, the more I appreciate the older Serif xPlus programmes. I find myself switching back to Draw Plus and Page plus often for basic things that are (Incredibly) missing from the 'All new, Singing and Dancing' programmes.
  10. Thank You Dominik, I will give that a try today. You, and All who give your quick replies on this forum are greatly appreciated ! Many Thanks. 😊
  11. +1 I too would love this feature to recolour designs as in Illustrator. See example https://www.instagram.com/p/CHLWHXYAY_n/ Also the ability to fill a shape with a texture. So an image of a pair of jeans could be filled with a photo swatch of denim. This would also need to be scaleable.
  12. Thank you very much for your help 'Old Bruce'. I found it. I had the wrong brush setting. I had the 'selection brush tool' highlighting not the regular brush tool.... I'm a Newbie 😊....
  13. I am looking for the symmetry button in affinity designer. According to to affinity's own tutorial https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/designer/desktop/video/331186550/ it should be in the pixel persona once you have the brush highlighted I have tried to find it on both my laptop AND my desktop (1.85.703) and I do not have a symmetry button on the bar as in the video. Where have they hidden it ? I really need to use it.
  14. It has been many a times requested on the forums for a workspace saving I would love to see this option as it’s so frustrating everytime I go in I have to reset the workspace I’m working on a desktop PC It also be helpful if the listing studio has a multiple check mark so that you can check several at 1 time assets brushes character all the ones that you want in one go instead of adding them separately because currently you have to add it then go back, view studio add it, then go back, view studio then go back .... This is really really really basic. It’s like getting into your car every time you want to drive and you have to reset the seat you have reset of the mirrors you have to reset the heat you have to reset everything about it. this has been requested for several years no and it’s so basic why is it not an affinity?
  15. + 1 I too want/need this feature. It seems so basic.... (The old Serif Draw plus programme had this - Years ago with assets....) It should not be that hard to add this to Affinity as the technology is there.
  16. From one Fashion Designer to another, have you tried the WildGinger pattern drafting programmes? (I have no connection to the WildGinger programme other than I use them.) While I love Affinity, I could not imagine using Affinity to draft clothing patterns. You are very brave to attempt it! I would be interested in knowing your process.
  17. Wow, Thanks for that! Looks like great info. It will keep me busy for hours! Thanks for sharing.
  18. Another Fashion Designer here. I am looking for Fashion / Textile Brushes and Textures. They seam to be very Scarce. So any of you 'brush makers' out there, that is the gap in the market.
  19. I too would like more information on this as I have all of the serif programmes Draw, Page, etc and would like to know how to be able to use the brushes in affinity photo and designer I am new to both affinity programs so a step-by-step, Newbie guide, would be very helpful Thanks! Also is it possible to use the other assets from these programs in Affinity ? If so, How? PC Desktop version
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