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  1. I am just now finishing a technical book (architecture), 160 pages with text and graphics, 3 columns, linked frames for flowing text over multiple pages, multiple language versions. InDesign 2021. I have NO idea how I would accomplish this (including all revisions) in Publisher without global layers and not going totally insane in the process. Sincerely hoping Publisher 2.0 will provide this.
  2. I have opened a document from Publisher that is based on Master Pages. These have picture frames and Artistic Text on them. In Designer on iPad these items show up with little X symbols instead of the usual round corner and side handles. Also their layers have an orange line beside them. I assume this shows that they are Master Page elements and thus locked for editing. Is there an "Edit Detached" mode as there is in Publisher or also for instance in Photo for Mac (I don't have Designer for Mac yet)? Also, I can pull another layer onto a Master layer or a layer within it and it
  3. Coming from InDesign I use Master Pages as a foundation but then customize them on the go. Unfortunately the "Edit Detached" mode cannot be invoked by a keyboard shortcut. Nor can it be closed by one (button "Finish"). Having a shortcut for this would be very helpful. Maybe it would be smart for us to start a topic where users can add their most wished for keyboard shortcuts. Adding shortcuts (or the possibility to assign them to more functions) would probably not cost Serif much resources, but it would improve productivity tremendously.
  4. +1 Especially since Apple Pages lost (!) this functionality years ago.
  5. +1 Especially since Apple Pages lost (!) this functionality years ago.
  6. InDesign has the feature of Conditional Text, where pieces of text can be marked and assigned to a "Condition". Turning these "Conditions" on or off will make all assigned text fragments show or hide. A good description in the InDesign manual is here. This functionality is extremely helpful for instance in price lists where there are different prices for different markets. Why not use Layers? Because with Conditional Text all other text besides the conditional versions will stay the same: only one text version to maintain. I could not (yet) find anything like this in Publisher
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