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  1. Very disappointing. Makes me wonder if I should bother to upgrade...
  2. That worked but when I quit the program and start it again I have to do the same all over again. That's not right... Must be a bug...
  3. Hi There! I use a Mac Mini with Apple Silicon M1, 16GB of RAM, 1TB SSD and macOS Ventura v13. I have enclosed a simple file with a table on it. No tatter what I do the headers for rows and columns will not appear making it impossible to configure and edit a table. I initially tried this with a document I already have been working with with the same result. Until this is fixed Publisher 2 is basically useless to me and I will have to keep on using the other version I have. Regards, Tor Lindberg Publisher Table Error.afpub
  4. I am trying to edit a table in Publisher v2. Want to remove some rows. Normally all you have to do is double click on the table and the headings for rows and columns will appear. Not so in v2. No matter what I do I can't make the headers appear. Am I missing something here?
  5. When I bought this MacBook it was the most top spec'ed version available in the Apple Store. It still runs great but I have noticed that video editing is slowly becoming more and more strained. I use FCPX. My main use is music and I have no problems so far. But I guess I have to reevaluate in a couple of years.
  6. I have an ordinary retina display. Running Catalina (Big Sur is not possible on my oldie machine from mid 2012 (sic),
  7. I just turned Transparency on and then off in Preferences. Seems to me like a bug of some kind.
  8. Problem solved! Turning on transparency in the document setup did the trick. Thanks!
  9. Has anybody here experienced that the guides in Publisher disappears? I have tried everything to make them appear but they only show up in the ruler as blue lines as in the screen shot below. It's quite frustrating, to say the least! I am on a MacBook Pro 15" from mid 2012.
  10. I have placed a 64 page PDF document (made in FileMaker 18) into Publisher and no problems with that. Although having to select each page of the PDF for each page in Publisher is a hazle. It was so much easier in InDesign where I could continue placing pages until I reached the end of the PDF file. The problem is that when I change the PDF in FileMaker and then try to update in Publisher, the program just hangs and won't respond anymore. Have anyone experienced this? I am on a Mac with macOS Catalina.
  11. Great update! The new Preflight option has already been very useful. But I am still missing global layers as in InDesign. I have documents with different versions of text and graphics. Without global layers in Publisher I am forced to continue using InDesign for these docs. So please: Global Layers!!!
  12. This has probably been discussed before but does anyone know if and when global layers will be introduced in Publisher? Coming from Indesign this feature is sorely missed as I deal with certain documents that requires some of the layers to be global.
  13. This drives me crazy! When entering text in a text frame Publisher always capitalizes the first word of a sentence and I can't find a way to turn this off! I type in the first word of a sentence and all is fine (first screenshot) and the moment I press the space bar the first character in the word gets capitalized (second screenshot). The same also goes for tables, by the way. Anyone here knows if this can be turned off or is it a known bug?
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