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  1. As someone with no skin in this game but with many years experience with data interchange I would seriously advise Affinity not to even consider supporting Adobe or other 3rd party formats. The level of cheapskate entitlement expressed in this thread will be as nothing to when these characters try to convert their inevitably botched documents and blame you if it doesn't work. You are opening yourself up to investigating the ineptitude of your users and supporting undocumented bugs in third party software. This is a massive level of effort which would be better spent improving your own products. You may follow the IDML spec but what you really need to do is interpret it in exactly the same way as Adobe. Do not become an InDesign clone (InDesign already exists) become your own streamlined and improved product. If people want to reuse legacy documents then those documents can just be recreated and the content cut and pasted over. After all what is the return on investment to Affinity in streamlining this process? Or, if you do produce a converter then make it a separate, paid-for application. That way it becomes a revenue stream and those that do not need this functionality do not have to bear the cost or overhead of supporting it.