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  1. If you think there is a business case then make that business case.
  2. Could it be caching? Try forcibly closing the app and then doing a hard reset
  3. For what its worth I have a freshly bought, unused copy of Photo 1.8.3 on my freshly bought ipad pro. It shows an app size of 1.47Gb and 1.8Mb of documents and data.
  4. I copied your post into google translate. Workflows are very personal things, you will learn a lot by creating your own but I doubt they would be of much use to anyone else. I would start with the macros help page and go from there. Best of luck
  5. The behaviour from checking my iMac just now with the default setting is that the first time you move to a new group of buttons there is a delay of 1 to 1.5 seconds, tips for other buttons in that group then appear very quickly. Behaviour seems perfectly chosen. Do you have other issues, not enough memory, too many applications running?
  6. It would be polite to summarise what the solution was, or link to the reddit answer, given that people may have wasted time looking at your problem for you and that others may come cross this topic in the future.
  7. Here is a screenshot of my prefs panel. The instructions have to read carefully, but they do work. Step 2 applies to the support panel and step 3 applies to the search panel
  8. I have set up Affinity photo (purchased on the Mac app store) to use Topaz Labs Sharpen AI as a plugin. It seems to work fine apart from ... I was testing it with a jpeg from 2011 taken with an iphone 4. If I open it with Affinity Photo it displays correctly. If I open it with Sharpen AI it displays correctly. Apple preview displays it correctly. Apple Photos displays it correctly and if I use it to open the pic in Sharpen AI it also displays correctly. If I open it in Affinity and then use Sharpen as a plugin it displays upside down! The EXIF orientation data says it is rotated 180 but all 4 programs seem to ignore this when opening the file directly. However the orientation is followed when sharpen is used as an affinity plugin and there is no way to override this to display the image correctly. At this point it is a finger pointing exercise and may even be an old Apple bug but I will pose the same question to Topaz Labs. (I find the 180 rotation difficult to believe as it implies I held the phone upside down, but there it is.)
  9. That worked for me but a couple of comments. In step 2, the authorize button adds / to the Support folder panel not the search folders. I do not have Topaz Studio, only Topaz Sharpen. In step 3 I needed to use Topaz Sharpen AI.app rather than Topaz Studio.app when adding to the search folders I now have an oddity with an iPhone photo but that is for another topic.
  10. Its a hidden folder, open your home folder in finder and press the 3 keys SHIFT CMMD .
  11. I was actually looking for the same answer. It sounds like it needs to be directed to Topaz Labs. In your /Users/username/Library/Application Support folder there is a Topaz Labs folder. This contains an empty Plug-ins folder, I am guessing that is where the plug ins might be found (if they existed).
  12. As someone with no skin in this game but with many years experience with data interchange I would seriously advise Affinity not to even consider supporting Adobe or other 3rd party formats. The level of cheapskate entitlement expressed in this thread will be as nothing to when these characters try to convert their inevitably botched documents and blame you if it doesn't work. You are opening yourself up to investigating the ineptitude of your users and supporting undocumented bugs in third party software. This is a massive level of effort which would be better spent improving your own products. You may follow the IDML spec but what you really need to do is interpret it in exactly the same way as Adobe. Do not become an InDesign clone (InDesign already exists) become your own streamlined and improved product. If people want to reuse legacy documents then those documents can just be recreated and the content cut and pasted over. After all what is the return on investment to Affinity in streamlining this process? Or, if you do produce a converter then make it a separate, paid-for application. That way it becomes a revenue stream and those that do not need this functionality do not have to bear the cost or overhead of supporting it.
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