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  1. Here's hoping for a Linux compatible version! The idea of paying monthly in perpetuity just so that me and my software can talk to my hardware at the most basic level, to simply to have the exact same "conversations" we had the month before (and the month before that...) is insane.
  2. This is another good observation. In my case, I can store the download on a separate (very large drive) along with the actual application installation, and only have one download of something usually shared, i.e. brushes. Not everyone is, or can be, set up like this. But yes, when opened in each application, the resources are installed in a separate .propcol file per application. The more resources one accumulates, the more the OS drive gets eaten up and no one wants to have to reinstall their entire system to a new larger drive every so often just for a few brushes. Admittedly, I am not
  3. Good point! When you manually download free/purchased assets from your account via the web browser, you can determine at that point the download location. I haven't purposely used the C:\User folders in over a decade - lol. So mine were not all installed in the *.propcol files (immediately) as they would have been if installed via the download manager. By manually installing via the web browser, the resources were downloaded directly into an X:\folder as i.e. *.afbrushes file. Once loaded into the application via one of the panel tabs, a copy will end up on the C:drive as part of a *
  4. [Windows] The addition of a download manager within the Affinity applications is pretty nifty. Unfortunately, these items are downloaded to one location deep within the windows user folder system...and they take up a lot of space. For those of us who use one drive for the OS and multiple other drives for many graphics/modeling applications and affiliated resources this is very inconvenient and not very 21st century. 😉 (It also explains why the download manager didn't think my previously manually installed Affinity add-ons didn't exist.) Suggestion: Provide a "default file location manager
  5. I was afraid of that. My C-drive is strictly for windows os. I am getting very tired of assets and resources plopping themselves down on the os drive. Soooo 1997. If you install an application (major item) on another drive, shouldn't all the support assets and resources (minor items) end up there as well??? Only licensing and startup resources should be with the OS, no???
  6. Thank you for this! I am finishing up the Photo Workbook and one of the last exercises (Pure Gold) calls for a brush in the "Painting" category. I couldn't find anything in the current brush palettes that seemed to match up enough with the sample in the book. Very grateful!
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