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  1. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10075-affinity-photo-feature-roadmap/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/23384-affinity-photo-customer-beta-15-beta-1/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/45227-promised-and-forgotten/#comment-227449 why is it missing on the feature roadmap? thanks
  2. no linked layers are a promised feature of AP that were supposed to appear in 1.5 and then were said to appear in 1.6 but now they probably won't (actually they disappeared from the roadmap?!!) Layer linking will happen in 1.5
  3. sure I'll try later if available sadly the "more responsive feel" when toggling layers on the iPad was just because I was zoomed way in thus it is not yet fixed, hope you guys can take a serious stab at this issue cause it is a pain https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/44673-toggle-off-layers-lag/&page=2 congrats to the AppStore Update
  4. Who from the marketing apartment thought it would be a good idea to put this retouched photo into the screen of the raw persona must be kidding...(saying this is more funny than serious) (although you technically can open any non black and white pixel layer in the raw persona) https://twitter.com/affinitybyserif/status/898469705559748608 (and in twitter statement as well) I‘d reccomend changing this to something that has more of a RAW feel, not highest end retouched work cheers congrats to the appstore update !
  5. Really nice tutorials you remember me a lot of Natalia Taffarel, a beauty photo retoucher who has a seemingly similar voice and makes really nice videos/ tutorials which are a pleasure to follow (I‘m on the photo side of things but vector design or paintings are just really interesting as well) thanks!
  6. Sure seems fine at first glance toggling on/ off layers with underlying live filter layers was just much more responsive as well hope this can be ported to mac as well where it is quite a pain as shown here in length Thanks
  7. I'm (very) happy to say that on the latest iPad beta this seems to be improved TREMENDOUSLY now let's see what the Mac can do
  8. " Improved Metal memory management." what on earth?macro which took 3min before now takes 25sek on OLD iPad Pro 12takes 3min on iMac i7 4GHz and 6min on MacBook i7 dual core... how is this even possible cheers
  9. woking fine on my end if you switch personas, the new persona has it's own side panel which has a different/ separate state however, switching back to the previous persona should restore it as it was when you left it, works on my side so far (remembering on restart works as well) maybe there is some additional bug but maybe you're just seeing intended behavior/ a feature
  10. well, scale up as much as possible to minimize the tolerance, otherwise in which way was I mistaken afterall this whole affinity is supposed to be written from scratch in the best way possible (better than draw whatever)
  11. The algorithm should just work scale independent which would not be an issue on its own (as @ronnyb says it is even possible to simulate this yourself) but as @MattP phrased it I think it is more like a "feature" to preserve detail and reduce complexity
  12. So you simplify a small shape more than a big shape.. not totally sold on this approach but maybe it is the same as everyone else does and maybe a good idea.. ...this just means one should not zoom too much after using expand stroke (which is kind of heavily advertised by Serif)
  13. It is like photoshop pupped warp with less options https://encrypted.google.com/search?hl=en&q=photoshop puppet warp
  14. the issue about expand stroke depending on the size of the object seems a bit weird to me in general vectors are size independent and as such the algorithm should genuinely not care about the size?!
  15. Hopefully reduced 'over-eager to serve' behaviour of hidden left and right studio panels. thanks
  16. Hi MBd, Hmmm, that's really not my field... I do know that if it's technically possible then we'll certainly look into it, but there's a way to go before the iPad version of Affinity appears, so a DAM product on iOS will be even further away :( Thanks, Matt
  17. Just great Videos if James Ritson needs some assistance one day they should seriously consider you as another speaker/ presenter
  18. This will help you Other free advice/ summaries
  19. I get reproducible results on two core macbook, iMac, quad core macbook, with or without screen capture, with or without metal sometimes it is a bit faster (but sometimes it is not-as you said as well) but it should always be instantly and to repeat that this is not a small edge case: live filters are an integral part of affinity photo always merging them is thus not an option as it diminishes the advantages that are possible after some filter layers affinity photo becomes (very!) unresponsive sooner or later which is only a question of time/ hardware thus the only viable workflow that takes advantage of live filter layers and keep affinity photo responsive is doing "merge visible" after that, work can be proceeded as normal as soon as one wants to modify settings of the live filter, one has to uncheck the merged layer, adjust the live filters (with some lag) and do a merge visible again (uncheck the layers because otherwise affinity is still calculating like crazy without any reason) unchecking the live filter layers below should not be necessary especially to new users this leaves the impression of affinity photo being unresponsive, and for others its just annoying from a technical standpoint checking if there is an opaque layer that covers everything and then stopping all calculations of layers below this layer could easily be done once a second and would thus reduce the maximum unresponsive time in such a scenario to one second but I'm sure the developers could just as well perform this check every two or three frames without any significant performance hit, and actually a significant performance gain in many cases I think a developer reading this already after the first post is just like "yeah I should have done this in very first place but just did not have the time to implement this properly..." after all, this has been an issue for a very long time already, since the very beginning
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