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  1. Thanks MBd, that's really helpful! I used to know colour management beter then now but it's slowly coming back to me. :-)
  2. Hi DWright, I do have an iPad Pro, 12,9-2nd Generation with the P3 Colour profile. That's why I asked ;-). However, I think the solution is to Soft Proof with SRGB during the editing. The result is completely OK when looking at the same file at a calibrated order iMac with sRGB profile. A touch of more reds persist on the iPad but I can live with it. Thanks for answering!
  3. Hi! I need some advice on colour management on iPad Pro using AP since the colours on my exported photos look different on my desktop (calibrated iMac with sRGB). The colour settings in AP I have left on sRGB. I turn off True tone and Night shift before working in AP. Obviously I need to calibrate my iPad display, I have mailed Datacolor since their app Spydergallery is gone from App store. That might fix my problem but I am not sure. My question is, since I have a display with the new P3 profile, should I not use that as default profile and export the images as sRGB? Regardless of the setting being sRGB in AP it is very easy to see that orange and reds are enhance on my iPad compared to the desktop. So I'm confused. I would be very happy for som advice, it is of course imperative that exported images look the same or as similar as possible. Thanks!
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