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  1. I bought the windows version yesterday of Designer and while drawing with the brush tool the program stopped responded and shut down. Now every time I start it I get the same error as Cosmin. Is there a way to start Designer in "safe mode" or something to clear the error? My Mac version has never crashed.
  2. I would love to have a seperator icon for the tools so I can group them. It's just a visual aid for me when I have 2 columns and I'm searching for the tool I'm looking for. -Mike
  3. In the RAW processing setting, I changed the RAW engine from Serif to Apple RAW. Now all my colors match the other programs.
  4. Update: I changed the RAW engine from Serif to Apple RAW and now everything looks correct.
  5. I am experiencing the same issue with AP 1.5.2 In all other software (LR, PS, Camera Raw, Luminar, Finder) all look great. AP changes the sky colors from blue / Magenta to Green / Grey) I am using the same color profiles in each. Was there ever a resolution to this issue? MM
  6. I can't find any information on how to use this filter. Can anyone point me to some instructions or a video?
  7. Mike M

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    My name is Mike and I'm one week into AD and two weeks into AP and I have already cancelled my Adobe subscription. Your products are feature rich and easy to navigate. I'm not a professional designer but, I have already created more professional results with my photos and flyers than I ever did in PS. Great Job.
  8. Joshua, ‚ÄčI had LR and PS for many years and recently decided to try some different products because I hate paying a subscription cost. I'm on a Mac so my LR replacement is MacPhun's Luminar and my PS replacement is Affinity Photo. I have not tried Designer yet but soon will add that to my list of goto apps. I used NIK for a while and like it but Luminar is much more flexible. However, I still have not found a good photo catalog system like LR. As far as feature comparison is concerned, while PS has a bazillion tools and features I personally only used about a third of them and Photo has not disappointed. Everything I have used in PS can be found in Photo, some things have different names and it takes me a little longer to hunt for the feature but I always find it eventually. -Mike
  9. Hello team, I first want to say that I'm new to Affinity Photo and have been a long time PhotoShop user. I consider my skill set advanced in PhotoShop and it took many years to get skill set. After watching a friend use Affinity Photo I had to have the product, I find it to be so intuitive and user friendly. Also, there are several features in Photo that I can do in PS but would have to perform several steps to get there. I decided to recreate a recent photo shoot that I edited in PS with Photo to see if I can get the same results and how long it would take. I happy to say that with just a week under my belt with Photo I was able to create the same results and in about 25% less time. That's huge to me. Now if you could create a product similar to Bridge or Lightroom's photo catalog I would have no reason not to switch completely. Thanks -Mike PS. The videos are great but I agree with others about written documentation. I would love to have the doc open while performing a task.

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