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Frozen Death Knight

Can't adjust the height of the undocked panels in any Affinity product

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Wanted to bring attention to a very problematic issue regarding the panels. I've got this problem several times in both Photo and Publisher, and believe I would get the same results in Designer.

My entire workspace is built around undocked panels, but sometimes for some reason all the panels change to their absolute minimum height with no scrollbar. This can lead to stuff like your entire history panel stretching out to the same length as the amount of actions you've taken while working on your file. Strangely enough, when you dock the panels you are able to adjust their heights, but undocking them again will stop you from doing so.

Here's a video demonstrating the issue:

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5 hours ago, Patrick Connor said:

@Frozen Death Knight

Please can you try to replicate this in the latest windows beta builds, as we think this has been resolved and should be fixed in 1.7.2 when released.


23 hours ago, Chris J said:

Difficult to say without the version number. 414 fixed all known outstanding panel issues.

If already on 414; Suggest Ctrl+Runup before further investigation.

I've downloaded both the Publisher and Photo Betas and checked if it's solved. It seems like Photo works fine now, but Publisher does not. The results in Publisher are fairly inconsistent, with some panels working fine when trying to adjust height, while others do not function at all. It's an improvement over 1.7.1, but not by much. Here's a video demonstration of the Publisher Beta:

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4 hours ago, AdamW said:

Hi Frozen Death Knight,

I've checked this in the latest Publisher Beta (420) and it seems to be fixed. Can you make sure that you are definitely running the beta and also that you have Ctrl-Run Up and 'Reset Studio' just in case any setting have been saved that are interfering with the fix. 

Resetted the Studio and it seems to work now. I copied my UI from 1.7.1 since I needed a bunch of assets I had made without having to import them all again. Thanks! ^_^

However, there is one small thing I would like to bring attention to as well, but this time it's regarding the width of the panels. Even after the reset I found out that the minimum width of a couple of panels are inconsistent with the rest of the UI (the Stock and Transform panels to be precise). I hope these inconsistencies could be ironed out as well to make it a bit easier and cleaner to align all your panels together.

Here's a video demonstration showing what I mean, as well as some weird interactions where it is possible to make the width of these two panels align correctly with other panels when they are stacked together as tabs inside one panel:

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