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Remember correct directory when creating further PDFs

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Indesign has this really neat feature where, when exporting a PDF, it remembers the last destination the previous PDF for that document was saved.

I notice this a lot now that I'm using Publisher as I'm inadvertently saving my PDFs in the wrong folders(!). Publisher seems to remember the last location a PDF was saved in, but not relative to the original document.

For example/clarity, lets say I have two projects, numbered 1000A and 2000B.

I open 1000A and create my PDF and save it to a folder inside the project folder called proofs ( '1000A > Proofs').

Next I open 2000B, create my PDF and save it. With Indesign it remembers that the last time this document created a PDF it was stored in '2000B > Proofs' and this is the folder it automatically shows in the save dialog. In Publisher it points the last folder used to create a PDF, which in this case happens to have been '1000A > Proofs'.

Does that make sense?

Its not a life changing problem, more something which you don't realise is a feature, but its only when you move away to another piece of software you realise how useful it was!

P.S. Loving Publisher!

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I'd rather see this feature implemented with options. For me this "smart" InDesgn feature has always been mostly a disadvantage. When working with multiple projects, it is a constant nuisance to accidentally export pdfs in wrong places, or needing to change the import folder from a location that was last used with some other project. Sometimes the feaature of remembering the last import and export location is useful, and sometimes not, so I'd like to see this implemented more cleverly in Affinity apps.

If options cannot be offered, I'd prefer to have the app importing and exporting by default under the folder where the main Affinity document has been saved. Then, if the user subsequently selects another folder for importing and exporting, these locations would be saved but only in document-wide context.

Sometimes it is useful to have the same import and export locations across multiple projects, and for these situations it would be practical if the app allowed specifying a certain import and export locations as "global" default folders for these operations. Then even if the app offered the local (document-wide) folder as the first location for importing/exporting, there could be a button or link that allows switching easity between the global and local locations (and the last selected option would also be saved with the document).

EDIT: InDesign (at least CS6) exports by default to the location where the .indd document is saved, provided that there is no export history saved for the document, which is just fine. But it is a common practice to create a new project (e.g., next issue of a magazine), by opening the last related project and saving it under a new name and also under a new folder. In this situation InDesign offers that last used export folder (which is saved with the document), which most often is not what is wanted, so when "saving as" the last export folder should ideally be erased so that the document save folder is offered as the default export folder. As for import folder, InDesign uses app-wide location for last import folder, which may or may not be useful, so it would be nice to have an option to have both global and local locations easily available.  Hopefully Affinity apps will offer these kinds of smart features in the future, they are a minor thing but would be a great useability bonus.

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Yes. Please. For the love of god at least add some sort of preference to adjust the behavior of saving and exporting files. I can't tell you how many times I've saved and closed a file and then can't find it ANYWHERE. I have to reopen it under "open recent" and then "reveal in finder" just to figure out where the file went.

My vote would be that the "default" behavior would be to save as and export in the same folder as the current open document. Then add a preference if you want for whatever other situations might also be valid.

Currently, if I open a document I worked on a week ago and immediately attempt to "Save As: a new version, I expect to find myself in the same folder as the document I just opened.

Please, please, please fix this!

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