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Great 1.7 update still missing important things

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Hi there. First of all a huge thank you to the great Affinity team with this 1.7 release is another amazing huge step for professional people like me that decide do work just on mobility on iPad.

I read that the bug of not displaying the bleed on an exported PDF is already taking into consideration. I have few suggestion for the team.

As a packaging designer I’m missing the spot and overprint option for colours. Would be great if we can like the desktop version select the option when we create a colour.

Another great suggestion would be the option to search for colour instead of scrolling through the long Pantone list for example.

3 simple extra feature that would make the app on iPad complete or at least closer to the desktop. Well also these are really important feature for productivity.

Hope anyone will reply and share the same needs.

if I have to pay a full desktop price to get the same complete complete experience I would ... as a pro it’s important for me to be able to work in the same way you can do on a desktop but on my iPad!


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+1 I agree with this one. The Color Studio could be a bit different. Hex Color is still missing in action. Also copy and pasting values would be great.

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Yes. Even if I'm really pleased to have such a powerful app on an iPad that is going to change a lot for a graphic designer ... still disappointed that these few really important elements aren't implemented yet in the iOS app. So hopefully in the near (really near) future, we will get them.


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I’m pleased to see that we have hexadecimal colour input now, but we still need the ability to search for colours, and we also need spot and overprint options.

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On ‎7‎/‎13‎/‎2019 at 11:14 PM, fde101 said:

Global color swatches appear to be missing too.

+1 on the ability to create, use and modify global colours.

I've recently got a hold of an iPad and discovered this issue. Kind of a show stopper since I use them extensively... I also noticed you can't use swatches, even the normal kind, in layer effects such as Colour Overlay...

I honestly think the swatches panel needs a big overhaul, both desktop and iPad. I mean just have a look at the how the Swatches panel works on Illustrator and copy it, then sprinkle a bit of InDesign features into it and you have a perfect panel. No need to reinvent the wheel.

I'm always puzzled on how these things happen, Adobe's swatches panels are widely known, there's no way the team didn't know them. It's almost like they decide on a meeting that "we know these panels works great, so instead let's make something similar, but that works worse!" o.O

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