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As a newcomer to A.Photo, I'm trying to ease my way in by remapping the shortcuts, and it's been a fairly tedious task.  I've already lodged a bug for the ability to clear but not set the DELETE key, but the whole experience is sub optimal.

1. The warning when you're using a similar keystroke is only slightly more helpful than simply telling me 'that key is in use'.  It tells me what command is using it, but not where, and there are literally dozens of options, each with potentially dozens more sub options to hunt through.  For someone unfamiliar with the software, trying to find that obscure command (is it a tool?  Is it under Document, Layer or Edit or Arrange or etc etc).  It would be super helpful if it had a button for 'clear other', and better still if it let me re-map that other command on the spot.  As a simple solution, one more option to list all the conflicts would help resolve the issues once I'm done remapping one group or another, otherwise it's nigh impossible to remember all the things that need fixing.

2. The search function is basically useless.  A search for 'zoom' doesn't bring up any keyboard shortcuts at all, but there's at least nine (under 'View' if you're wondering).

3. The window in which all this is performed is very tiny, and cannot be resized.  It's a needless additional frustration, selecting one of thirty five dropdowns and then scrolling through the commands therein.  The window could be adjustable, so the user can expand it to show every command at once.

4. The Undo command, under 'Edit', always shows the last command used, instead of simply 'Undo'.  Until the user figures this out, it's misleading.  For example, right now it says 'Undo document properties' but if I use the brush, next time I view the settings it says 'Undo Paint Brush Tool'.  There's no need for this to change, is there?

I've mocked it up: a larger window (the blue line shows the tiny original size) and a popup to resolve conflicts.


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I agree.

I have already reported all of these issues and suggestions in various bug reports and feature requests going back 2 years now.

Plus many functions simply do not appear, so can't have shortcuts set (for example Lock Children, Show Rotation Center, Polyline subtool of the Pen Tool)

A real shame there has been no improvement.

Perhaps it is still not too late for 1.7?

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Well, so many functions are missing in the list for shortcuts! On the other hand, there are "inc/dec brush size" options for every type of brush. Do you want to change this? You have to change it for each one separately! Why? Is there any situation I will simultaneously work with two or more brushes and change their sizes at the same time???

Please, at least give us an option to change this for all brushes at one place!

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It would also help if there's a way to generate a list of all set shortcuts - like a PDF file or even a simple TXT file as the .afshort is unreadable. This way we can print it and have it always nearby to help memorize our custom shortcuts faster. The panel in Affinity is very difficult to use, it's small and has two sets of lists - for the personas and for the categories which makes it impossible to easily access all the shortcuts at once.

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