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Inconsistent color picking (brush/picker tool)

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There is huge annoying inconsistency with color picking in latest betas (both Mac and Windows). 

Lets say i have a layer with image and HSL adjustment above him, which shifts hue in this image. If i add new empty layer and start using brush with alt-picking colors - it will use color directly under cursor, the color i see on the screen. this is right and normal behaviour. BUT if i alt-click on image layer to enter "exclusive editing mode" and start to use the brush with alt-picking - it will use not the colors i see on the screen (in exclusive mode layer can be seen without any adjustments above) - but the colors from "global", blended image. But this is completely wrong! Alt-picking will pick not the color i see on the screen, but something completely differring and random (in context of layer in focus)

This is essential that brush picker use the very same colors that user can see on the screen. And with this inconsistency direct editing of layers is meaningless - i HAVE to disable all the adjustments above just to add proper color to image. With big stack of adjustments this is really huge time-eater //
Same with the picker tool. Same with exclusive editing of masks (alt-picking gives color from colored part of the image, not the black-white pixels under cursor, which is actually needed in masks editing)

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Picking what you SEE is really important and essential. Otherwise, in many cases, you get completely random (unexpected) color while editing in exclusive mode.

My frequent usecase: i just wish to "change this color blob slighltly" somewhere under the adjustments and, instead of adding same color in proper place - invalid picking just ruin the place completely // VERY frustrating

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