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Bezier nodes difficult to work with

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First - thanks for the new beta, first impressions are pretty good from just a little messing about. Inking with a vector brush is now a good enough experience for me to start using it properly. Slow linework is still very wobbly but this can be fixed with stroke stabilising which has a good range of options to make it workable. Loving all that.

One thing I am having issues with on my Cintiq is trying to adjust the bezier nodes. If I can grab a handle or node (bit hit and miss) it just seems to shoot off all over the place. Will investigate more and see if it's a tablet vs  mouse thing. I just want to hop and say .. nice job. It's looking great.

Set up if required for reference: 


Intel i7 3.07GHz · 18GB DDR3 · HDD: 2x500GB · Nvidia GTX 750Ti 2048 - Dell U2515H (main) · Nvidia GTX 750 1048 - Cintiq 24HD (secondary) · Windows 10 (64) ·  Portable: Surface Pro 2 256GB

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Hi Sarah

I just tried it with the mouse and it seems to work as previously/intended. Can't test it with my Cintiq right now, will test it when I'm at home.

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Hi Sarah,

I've had this using a mouse find its just my hands being a bit inaccurate at times, this might be further amplified by the depth between the Cintiq screen and the drawing surface. However if you could record a video that may help to double check.


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Hi Sarah, Sean


I was just reading @Ben response to copying (cloning) nodes in the beta (mac section)..and playing around with it ...on a PC..nice feature! didn't know it was there..but you learn something everyday...However....

Sara's description of Bezier nodes 'jumping around' has just happened to me...I was thinking this issue was fixed as I had not seen it until today in the Designer Beta 1.7 version...but

Steps to reproduce

Difficult to describe...as is very infrequent and a reboot fixes the issue...so for experimentation


1. Play around with Ben's marvellous feature... snap nodes to 2 different Bezier lines...
2. Toggle Snapping on and off (As drawing with it on can be a pain!)
3. Leave the screen alone for a few minutes (sometimes..and is it sometimes!) you cannot drag around the nodes they to seem to snap randomly...I am sure that is not the case.there must be some logic to it...
4. Then go back to moving the nodes around on the lines

The report was for Publisher...here
There is a video associated with it here

I was wondering whether this could be the same issue


APh & AD + Beta AD | APh + Beta AP
APu Beta

OS:Windows 10 Pro 1809 OS Build 17763.529
Rig:AMD FX 8350 and AMD Radeon (R9 380 Series) Settings Version 19.04.3(Adrenalin, 
Radeon Settings Version
19.1.1) + Wacom Intuous 4M with driver 6.3.34-3



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