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  1. SarahMills

    problem with expand stroke....

    Would love to see this working better. Expand is probably my most used feature in Illustrator as I do a lot of freehand inking.
  2. First - thanks for the new beta, first impressions are pretty good from just a little messing about. Inking with a vector brush is now a good enough experience for me to start using it properly. Slow linework is still very wobbly but this can be fixed with stroke stabilising which has a good range of options to make it workable. Loving all that. One thing I am having issues with on my Cintiq is trying to adjust the bezier nodes. If I can grab a handle or node (bit hit and miss) it just seems to shoot off all over the place. Will investigate more and see if it's a tablet vs mouse thing. I just want to hop and say .. nice job. It's looking great.
  3. SarahMills

    Affinity hogging file type associations

    I can confirm this worked. Thank you, it's been driving me crazy.. why Windows doesn't see fit to tell me there's an update I have no idea. I don't keep auto updates on, and have it set to notify me but it doesn't always do so. Thanks again
  4. SarahMills

    Affinity hogging file type associations

    Aha, thank you! Downloading the update now. I have it set to tell me about updates, but it rarely bothers.
  5. This has been ongoing for a while for me.. Affinity Designer & Photo seem to be ignoring the file type associations I set and I cannot seem to change it. If I choose "Open with" Illustrator for an Illustrator file and check the "Always use this programme" option, the file icons remain as AD and if I double click the tile, it still opens in AD instead of Illustrator. The same thing happens if I try to set file type associations from the Settings in Windows. I have the same issue with jpgs and Affinity Photo. Which I know I did once set to be the case, however again.. it doesn't seem to matter what I do, I cannot reverse that choice. As much as I've love to ditch Adobe, I need it to work with some clients. This isn't a showstopper, but it is annoying.
  6. SarahMills

    Bleed View

    Agree. This is something sorely lacking still in Designer, and now in Publisher. Bleed guides are essential to me.
  7. Hi Mike, I deleted and installed the fonts. I don't use a font manager (perhaps I should), just install from the context menu. I did wonder if removing Designer and re-installing might help.. not sure. Command prompt stuff is a bit beyond me. Edit: Went into Windows Registry and deleted all 18 fonts, then rebooted and re-installed the fonts. Montserrat Medium is now exporting fine, but Montserrat Regular is still garbled. Not sure if it's relevant, but I loaded up the file before I added the fonts back, and it was looking for Montserrat regular twice. Which seems odd. My search continues !
  8. Ps. Just tried this by installing Affinity on my partner's machine and installed the font. Works perfectly for him. Hmmpf !
  9. Hi Mike, Managed to delete them in Safe Mode. Still no joy... argh! I tried using Roboto, and that exported just fine. I can actually open the pdf and edit the text and it looks fine, so the font itself is exporting into the PDF ok.. it's just getting garbled somehow. Thanks for helping, at least I know how to delete the font cache now!
  10. I tried deleting the font cache, but it's not letting me delete the contents of the folder even when I stop it in services.msc (sigh).. I think I'll just have to rasterise on export for now. If I let it convert text to curves it makes the lower case L too thick. Weirdly, the icons I've got in there now are fontawesome 5 and yet they are exporting perfectly. Thanks anyway.
  11. Hi Mike, It's Designer. When I originally posted the topic, before anyone replied I forgot to put that in the topic heading. I did straight away though. I've tried using both print, web, and simple export. All with embedded fonts. No joy. Really not sure why it's happening, as other fonts do work. For the moment, I'm exporting text as curves so I can at least preview it. I cropped the original PDF as I wasn't keen on showing the whole page (work in progress, client confidentiality etc). That'll teach me ! I'm not very fluent in AD yet, but am trying to move away from using Illustrator for everything in the hope that I can shot of CC eventually. Oh reboot didn't do anything either. Thanks for the help
  12. Hi Mike, Thanks for pointing me to Font Squirrel. Have downloaded but still the same problem so far. I'll try rebooting, perhaps that'll make a difference.
  13. Hi there, I'm working up a series of artboards for a website client but I'm having a problem with the embedded font, Montserrat. The exported PDF does have the font, and I can edit it to have the right text in Acrobat DC. However, this isn't an ideal solution as I don't want to have to edit a whole load of text when I get to the content copy. I've tried this with a couple of other fonts and they do not do this. So I'm not sure what the problem is.. If I open the exported PDF in Adobe Illustrator CC it still has the garbled text. I really need to get this to work so the client can see the concepts and I don't really want to change the font. Any help, much appreciated. Thanks, Sarah Font-Montserrat.pdf
  14. Yes I've had issues with Wacom drivers for years. I have every driver since 2008 backed up in a folder just in case... I've been working on and off for a couple of hours and it's mostly fine. The only issue I have is if I put the pen down for a bit and do something else, I get a crash when I return to the app. It only happens if I put the pen down for more than a few minutes though.