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  1. Thanks guys for the replies. I will go with 15" and report back how it is
  2. Yeah, I am thinking the same, it's a no brainer. Maybe the price of the 15" dropped because of new 16" models.
  3. Currently, I am on Surface Book 1st Gen with i7-6600U. It has absolutely terrible performance in Affinity Designer. Slightly due to 4k monitor that I recently got at the office. I've read here that Macs are better performers in Affinity Designer because of 'Mac first' development approach and Metal on MacOS. So I am finally going back to Apple. Now I have a dilemma between two models. It will be connected to a 4K monitor. Macbook Pro 13 i7-8559U / 16 GB LP DDR 3 - 2133 / Intel Iris 655 / € 2.439,00 VS Macbook Pro 15 i7-9750H / 16 GB DDR 4 - 2400 / Radeon Pro 555X / € 2.299,00 I was going to go with cheapest 13" with i7 and 16gb ram. But realized that 15" is cheaper but performance wise seems to be better choice because of better gpu? I guess it all comes down to form factor? Thanks.
  4. FIXED! In short, it was a Windows problem on this PC. After Creators Update they handle fonts really weird. If you try to manually view fonts installed on your system, it will open up default preview mode. Even with explorer. I managed to actually view the fonts files installed by using %systemroot%/fonts via start. It turns out I installed fa fonts (ttfs) on this PC way before I did newer font files on the laptop (otf). And Windows keeps all the versions along with the new ones for some reason. That's why I had problems with some other fonts being duplicated and showing up that way in Affinity. These were being used: So, in order to fix it is to remove all your duplicates (search for _0, _1, _2 etc.) and old Font Awesome fonts. After that you have to follow these steps to rebuild the font cache. So, this is some issue going on with Windows and lets hope Microsoft is aware of it. Hopefully this helps someone.
  5. I use the same OTFs on both PCs. That's why I am confused on how it generates the PDF
  6. Here's example on how PDF looks generated on one PC (broken) And here's on the second one:
  7. Hello, I've been having some weird issue of fonts duplicating in the list and showing up as an old version when exporting to PDF. Specifically I've been having issue with Font Awesome font. They constantly update it, but it seems like Affinity Designer PDF export takes the older version? Even stranger is that only my home PC has this issue, it works fine on my laptop. I used the same source file on both machines and only the PC produces this issue. I also took the same font files from laptop and installed on the PC. Nope, same issue. Don't tell me to use 'Text to Curves' because this is not the solution, it works fine on other Windows machine This is font info in Acrobat, exported via Affinity on laptop: And this is with PC: Something strange is happening here. Also Montserrat font has duplicated weights all though I removed/installed the latest font from Google Fonts several times. You guessed it, it works fine on laptop. I tried reinstalling Affinity Designer and also removing user settings, but none of it helped. Thanks in advance.
  8. You're wrong, we used Fireworks for production a lot. You could easily make slices and export them all. There was extension for svg export. We also had custom js script that exported text styles to xml or plist format. It would be really nice if we had text styles panel in Export persona where we could define custom output. That's the only thing I am missing actually.
  9. Right now we can only export slice into one path, but it would be nice if we could specify different folder for each format.
  10. States are used mainly in animations and it would really nice if we could have that. Integration could work in similar way as in Adobe Fireworks It would probably also need separed animated GIF export option
  11. Are there any plans of implementing exporting text styles in Export Persona? I noticed that's actually the only thing I would like to have Would be nice if we could create some sort of template system where users can define the output and share with community. Much like the current variable components for paths. There could be presets such as plist (iOS), xml (Android) or css
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