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I think I may have mentioned this before without getting any feedback, but I would really like to have a tab/place to save symbol/shapes we create. A lot of software programs have Shape Libraries where they can save and categorize shapes. This makes it so easy to grab a shape and insert into the picture and save a shape we created while drawing a picture.


OS X Version 10.14.6 iMac 27" 3.2 GHz i5- 32 GB  Huion Kamvas Pro 20

iPad Pro 12.9" IOS 13


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We plan on adding a shape library to the media browser. The idea is you can add whatever you like to user created categories. The feature actually existed in a previous build but we removed it because we didn't feel it was good enough yet. 



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I would like to add to this request. I had a large library of symbols and shapes in DrawPlus for use in technical drawings and diagrams and really missed this feature in Affinity! Apart from that it has worked really well and having recently migrated from Windows XP to iMacs was very disappointed at the prospect of losing Page- Photo- and DrawPlus after many years of intensive use. My wife uses PageP and PhotoP every day and we are hanging on on the hope that they will follow soon? Meanwhile, Parallels is the way out!

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Great! I am amazed by the power of the customizable shapes with the red points. It would be nice if there were a tool released to make use of this functionality as well. Think Tiger Woods 20xx course designer. A huge community developed just from designing custom courses.

You could have a "MakeHuman" vector shape for example if this were possible. It would be incredible for animation.


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Hello MEB - new user here so I appologize if I've not come across the answer to this elsewhere. Custom shapes are a bit part of how I currently use Photoshop, though I do very little actual vector work. I see that custom shapes is still on the roadmap the it appears to be for Affinity Designer, not Affinity Photo. Is this correct or will Affinity Photo also get the ability to create/import/add custom shapes? Thanks!

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Hi Wazatron,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

I'm not sure i understood you correctly but i will try to reply to your question (or at least provide some info). Both Affinity Designer and Photo possess parametric shapes. Shapes that you can customise changing a few options from the custom toolbar (or dragging some specific nodes in the shapes on canvas). See this Help topic (Affinity Photo): Geometric Shapes

Besides this Affinity Designer (only) has an Assets panel where you can store you own custom shapes (menu View ▸ Studio ▸ Assets) for later reuse. This is not available nor planned for Photo as far as i know. Feel free to create a feature request in the Feature Requests section if you find it useful in Photo as well.

Let me know if i haven't addressed your question properly.

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