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  1. When I hover the arrow cursor on/near the dividing line between the pull-down button and the point size display, the leading factor varies wildly with the slightest finger movement up/down the back of the 'magic mouse'. This seems like a very small bug?
  2. I agree with Paul C. Affinity are going to miss a big swathe of customers with this policy. Many users are quitting the Microsoft platform in favour of Mac - due MS's stubborn attitude in trying to manipulate its customers - and the customer is always right. There is a vast market out there who want something: the winner will be the one who realises that, and meets the demand.
  3. Signalman

    Shape Library

    I would like to add to this request. I had a large library of symbols and shapes in DrawPlus for use in technical drawings and diagrams and really missed this feature in Affinity! Apart from that it has worked really well and having recently migrated from Windows XP to iMacs was very disappointed at the prospect of losing Page- Photo- and DrawPlus after many years of intensive use. My wife uses PageP and PhotoP every day and we are hanging on on the hope that they will follow soon? Meanwhile, Parallels is the way out!

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