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User Interface - picture dimensions in pixels?

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Please help!!


How can I see how big my images are without extra clicks?


Take a look at the following image:




For the life of me, I can't find anywhere that shows the image dimensions except for if I'm using the view tool or if I'm resizing the thing.

I mean, isn't that a thousand times more important than knowing how much the image is zoomed in?

Hopefully I'm just missing something blatantly obvious because its really late.


I put giant red arrows to point where I would like to see them, but then I guess I should be posting that in the suggestions bit.


P.S. Any help is super appreciated.

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Select the View (hand) Tool just above the Move Tool. The size of your document in pixels should appear in the Context toolbar.


Just noticed you said except for the view tool. But what is so bad about using that?

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Hi Aroni,

Welcome to the forums :)
In terms of time saving, you can press the H key to switch to the view tool to check the size, and then the H key again to switch back to your previous tool and continue your workflow. Other than this I'd recommend posting it in our Feature Requests!

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Hello everyone and  thank you for answering so soon!


@R C-R I'm editing a tonne of those little pics and one saved click/keystroke can amount lot of work time.

@MEB Thank you!!

@Dan C Thank you!! I'll print out a card to get used to them.

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On 26.3.2018 at 8:43 PM, Aroni said:

I can't find anywhere that shows the image dimensions


Firstly, I assume that once you know the dimensions of your image they don't change. So I assume it is not a process of constantly displaying the image's dimension.

I want to suggest two more ways to look up the image dimensions:

  1. Press ALT+CTRL+i. This brings up the dialog 'Resize Document'. This displays the dimensions in pixels and you can change it to different units. Hit ESC and you will leave the dialog box without changing anything.
  2. Press m (to activate the 'Rectangular Marquee Tool') and then CTRL+a. This selects the entire image and you can read it's dimensions in the transform panel. This works in most cases also with the 'Arrow Tool' (v). To deselect everything press CTRL+d.

Both methods are a quick way to check the image's size.


@Dan C the 'h' key seems to be the quickest way right now.


I agree, it would be nice to have a constant read out e.g. in the Info Panel :)



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