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  1. My menu Window days: Float All, and all windows are floated. Docking and undocking toiols are in the View menu. But always undocked images don't seem to be an option...
  2. You are absolutely correct. I guess I expected something like 800px, but 800w or 800h makes much more sense and it works great.
  3. Unfortunately an additional width definition in px is not possible. Only factors... I need this a lot of times. Think of a website slider which needs a 1600px width image, a 1000px width, a 600px width and 450px width for a srcset.
  4. Klenkes

    Cannot add to Selection

    Thanks to this excellent forum I found this post quickly. Otherwise it would have been frustrating... Shouldn't the status bar at the bottom reflect the LMB+RMB action?